1. Warren Buffett

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    2. From $0 to Millionaire: How 6 Entrepreneurs Went Broke, Then Became Successful

      From $0 to Millionaire: How 6 Entrepreneurs Went Broke, Then Became Successful
      ...e one hour of work into the equivalent of 100 hours of work. These success stories—people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett—had mentors that saved them a huge amount of work by showing them shortcuts. Like a fuel-effici...
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    1. Were we to use more than 1 percent of my claim checks on ourselves, neither our happiness nor our well-being would be enhanced.
      In 4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Pay It Forward
    2. The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say
      In 6 Necessities for Achieving Your Full Potential as a Leader
    3. If I eat 2,700 calories a day, a quarter of that is Coca-Cola. I drink at least five 12-ounce servings. I do it everyday.
      In Warren Buffett: 'I Eat Like a Six-Year-Old'
    4. I have three Cokes during the day and two at night.
      In Warren Buffett: 'I Eat Like a Six-Year-Old'
    5. This morning, I had a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream.
      In Warren Buffett: 'I Eat Like a Six-Year-Old'
    6. When others are greedy, become fearful. And when others are fearful, become greedy.
      In Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff on Where Big Tech Is Headed
    7. Today our world is changing faster than ever before--economic, geo-political, and environmental challenges abound.
      In 6 Sustainability Investing Trends for 2015
    8. Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.
      In 7 Things Warren Buffett Can Teach You About Leadership
    9. The best education you can get is investing in yourself, and that doesn't mean college or university.
      In To Excel You Must Learn These 6 Crucial Lessons That School Can Never Teach
    10. It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.
      In 6 Small Ways You Can Score Big With Customers
  3. Quotes about Warren Buffett

    1. The reality is, building wealth generally takes a lot of time. Even Warren Buffett, one of the richest people alive and arguably the best investor ever, created more than 80 percent of his vast wealth after he turned 50.
      In 20 Signs You're Destined to Become a Millionaire
    2. If you want to learn anything about investing at all, forget everything else but Grinnell. They are the best in the world. This is where you can really learn about Warren Buffett's secret to success because he is the one who guides all of their investment decisions.
      In A Single, Simple Life Hack Has Made Me Millions of Dollars
    3. Tax the rich, make them pay their fair share, and make sure that the secretaries of the world -- good proxies for teachers, firefighters and construction workers, by the by -- never find themselves paying more in taxes than Warren Buffett.
      In The Buffett Deception