1. Small Business Saturday

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    2. 21 Simple Ideas for a Successful Small Business Saturday

      21 Simple Ideas for a Successful Small Business Saturday
      ...rday Nov. 25 this year). It’s hard for small businesses to compete with the big guys. But that’s why there’s Small Business Saturday. American Express founded Small Business Saturday in 2010, giving small businesses and...
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    3. The Small Business Of Trying To Go Big Online

      The Small Business Of Trying To Go Big Online
      ...ess can only exist in a brick and mortar locale, is no longer the only path to entrepreneurship. Why wait for Small Business Saturday — a suspect "holiday" on the weekend after Thanksgiving, trademarked by American Expre...
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    4. Communities Give Back for Small Business Saturday

      Communities Give Back for Small Business Saturday
      ...get in at the beginning of the Christmas season and see what we have as well,” Moffett said. By all accounts, Small Business Saturday is growing. Ninety-five million people “shopped small” last year, shelling out more th...
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  2. About Small Business Saturday

    Small Business Saturday

    First there was Black Friday, then Cyber Monday. November 27, 2010 was the first ever Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday is the day we celebrate the Shop Small movement to drive shoppers to local merchants across the U.S.

    More than 200 organizations have already joined American Express OPEN, the company’s small business unit, in declaring the Saturday after Thanksgiving as Small Business Saturday.


    1. One of the reasons the show is such a hit is we have a lot of artists living right here in the neighborhood.
      In Parkside craft fair offers holiday shopping alternative
    2. Being a business owner myself I appreciate how important it is to support the local economy by shopping locally.
      In Shop local this Small Business Saturday
    3. I think it would make sense to wait another week or two
      In Local shops embrace 'Small Business Saturday'
    4. The more we trust and encourage our local businesses and support them financially and philosophically, the more we can really be motivated to have pride in our community and to really turn our economic situation around.
      In Small Business Saturday spotlights local stores, craftsmanship - PennLive
    5. It keeps the money local. Helping one another in the community that we have.
      In After five years, Small Business Saturday already a tradition
    6. They're coming for an alternative experience, It's a return to customer service and talking to the owner, getting to know the people behind the businesses.
      In Metro Detroit stores embrace Small Business Saturday - The Detroit News
    7. Small businesses create jobs, boost the economy and improve our local communities.
      In Saturday is Small Business Saturday - Shop Local
    8. I think people should shop with small businesses not only on Small Business Saturday but every day because they care. My clients matter to me and it is because of them that I have a business so I really do have an affection for them.
      In Pringle Accountants selected as one of 100 small businesses championing
    9. We always said we wanted this to be the start of something amazing; a regular event that shines a light on small businesses throughout the UK in a way which is hugely beneficial to both the local and the national economy.
      In Four firms in hot 100
  4. Quotes about Small Business Saturday

    1. We have participated in Small Business Saturday in the past and we find it helps our business build awareness in the local community.
      In Is Small Business Saturday Working?
    2. Small Business Saturday gives us a chance to show our appreciation and to help America's job creators in a very real way, by patronizing small shops, restaurants and service providers.
      Dan Danner in Is Small Business Saturday Working?
    3. I do technically participate in Small Business Saturday, but I am a small business every day!
      In Lessons Leaned from Small Business Saturday Past