1. Barack Obama

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  2. About Barack Obama

    Barack Obama

    Barack Hussein Obama II (i/bəˈrɑːk huːˈseɪn oʊˈbɑːmə/; born August 4, 1961) is the 44th and current President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold the office. Obama previously served as a United States Senator from Illinois, from January 2005 until he resigned following his victory in the 2008 presidential election.


    1. His skills as an entrepreneur created opportunity for many; his love for his family was a joy to behold, and his example as a husband and father was something we could all learn from.
      In Sheryl Sandberg Pays Tribute to Husband Dave Goldberg at Memorial Service
    2. It's no secret that past trade deals haven't always lived up to their promise.
      In Lawmakers Strike Agreement That Will Fast-Track Foreign Trade
    3. Cyberthreats pose one of the most serious economic and national security challenges to the United States.
      In Obama Signs Order on Cyberattack Sanctions
    4. We've got to keep positioning ourselves for a constantly changing global economy.
      In How President Obama Wants More High Tech Workers
    5. These tech jobs pay 50 percent more than the average private sector wage, which means they are a ticket to the middle class.
      In How President Obama Wants More High Tech Workers
    6. Everybody was saying I was Spock, so I figured I should check it out.
      In Leonard Nimoy, Famous as Mr. Spock on 'Star Trek,' Dies at 83
    7. You can have nine companies that have great protocols, authentication systems, you name it. You have one that's not doing a good job, and that penetrates the entire system.
      In Why Facebook's New Cybersecurity Site Is Trouble For Obama
    8. This has to be a shared mission. So much of our computer networks and critical infrastructure are in the private sector, which means government cannot do this alone.
      In Obama Calls for Information Sharing to Fight Cyber Crime
    9. This country's better off than it was four years ago, but what we also know is that wages and incomes for middle class families are just now ticking up.
      In Obama's Budget Plan: Tax Corporations More to Help Middle Class
    10. My job is not to trim my sails and not tell the American people what we should be doing, pretending somehow we don't need better roads, that we don't need more affordable college.
      In Obama's Budget Plan: Tax Corporations More to Help Middle Class
  4. Quotes about Barack Obama

    1. I don't think Barack Obama would be president without Michelle, for both practical and psychological reasons.
      In 3 Leadership Secrets From President Obama
    2. Barack Obama has failed America. When he took office, the economy was in recession. He made it worse.
      In Bill O'Reilly: Mitt Romney 'Did Not Want To Win' The 2012 Presidential Election
    3. Barack Obama picked up 9 states that George W Bush carried in 04. If Obama holds Ohio, he can lose the other 8 and still be re-elected. So the stakes in Ohio are enormous.
      In Just how important is Ohio in 2012? Very!