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    2. Future Shopping Malls Will Be Experience Buffets

      Future Shopping Malls Will Be Experience Buffets
      ...d their products are only available through their channels or through very selective partners, in the case of Nordstrom’s. It’s sort of mono-seasonal with certain drops or releases throughout the year, and not following ...
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    3. 5 Business Trends That Will Take Off in 2017

      5 Business Trends That Will Take Off in 2017
      ...gh they matter -- which they do. Already, some retailers are delving into personalized services; for example, Nordstrom is offering fashion advice; and home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot have instructiona...
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  2. Quotes about Nordstrom

    1. There are people who shop at Nordstrom for its quality and service, and people who shop at Walmart for its prices.
      In These Entrepreneurs Succeeded -- But Only After Failing Once Before
    2. I love Nordstrom's social presence.
      In The 5 Best Brands on Instagram, According to Experts
    3. A traditional department store like Bloomingdales, Nordstrom's or Saks is going to mark up their shoes two-and-a-half times before they get to the consumer.
      In How This Company Makes $400 Shoes Seem Like a Bargain