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  2. Quotes about IRA

    1. When you connect … your investment or IRA or retirement or 401(k) account to the FeeX platform, basically what we're doing is that we're analyzing all the fees that you are paying and we tell you how much fees you're paying in dollars not percentages.
      In Waze Co-Founder Says New Startup Is the 'Robin Hood of Wall Street Fees'
    2. In some cases, a SEP IRA may be sufficient, but in others - the salary deferral feature of a 401(k) plan may allow for a higher contribution amount.
      In Retirement plans for small business owners
    3. A SEP-IRA (or any IRA) doesn't have loan provisions, but a 401(k) can have the loan option feature if you or employees really need it.
      In 4 Solutions for Common Small-Business Money Mistakes