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    2. For the First Time Since the Great Recession, U.S. Startup Activity Is Strengthening

      For the First Time Since the Great Recession, U.S. Startup Activity Is Strengthening
      ...ength we’ve seen in other economic indicators, and should generate hope for further economic expansion,” said Dane Stangler, vice president of research and policy at the Kauffman Foundation, in a statement. For every 100...
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    3. Building Your Startup Community: Lessons from Entrepreneur Twitter Patterns

      Building Your Startup Community: Lessons from Entrepreneur Twitter Patterns
      Cities across the U.S. have been working on the monumental task of trying to build and grow local startup communities. Nonetheless, how these communities form is still largely a black box. In an attempt to better understand the connections and networks underlying these ecosystems, the Kauffman Foundation surveyed participants in an entrepreneurship education program to explore their network behavioral patterns.
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  2. About Dane Stangler

    Dane Stangler

    Dane Stangler is the acting director of Research & Policy at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. In this capacity, Stangler leads the Research & Policy department and serves on the senior leadership team. He also provides research and writing on a variety of subjects, including entrepreneurship and cities. He initiated and manages the Kauffman Foundation Research Series on Firm Formation and Economic Growth, and contributes to the blog, Growthology. He also represents the Foundation by speaking at meetings and conferences around the country.

    Stangler earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Truman State University, and a JD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

    Twitter @danestangler


    1. We're now past the peak demographic bulge we got from the Boomers.
      In American Entrepreneurship Is Actually Vanishing. Here's Why
    2. We'll wait and see how the regulations come down.
      In American Entrepreneurship Is Actually Vanishing. Here's Why
    3. There are several areas in which I think our research and the research of those we fund has been making headway in, if not disproving, at least pushing back against conventional wisdom or what turn out to be myths.
      In New Kauffman Sketchbook Debunks Four Persistent Myths about Entrepreneurship
    4. While we have speculated in recent years that changes in entrepreneurship rates could be driven by labor market conditions, this new data provides the strongest evidence we've seen of this correlation.
      In Fewer Americans Are Launching Businesses. Here's the Silver Lining. (Infographic)
    5. To the extent that the Affordable Care Act unlocks that job lock--that entrepreneur lock--one effect is to provide a boost to entrepreneurship overall.
      In Obamacare Could Lead to 25,000 New Businesses a Year
    6. Because young high-tech firms are so disproportionately important for innovation and job creation, a slowdown in this sector calls for a new approach to fostering a stronger entrepreneurial economy.
      In U.S. tech startups: An endangered species?
    7. Entrepreneurs are on the economy's front lines daily.
      In A Few Signs 2014 Will Be a Good Year for Business
    8. This is a significant finding because it reinforces how important these young, small firms are to the economy.
      In New business formation bounces back; posts first increase since the recession
    9. We don't want to discount the economic value of companies not classified as IDE.
      In Drawing The Line : The Uncomfortable Truths Of Startups And Small Business
    10. It's likely not a coincidence that the number of new businesses created dropped when the economy improved last year. While a stronger economy is good for business growth, it also means the unemployed find jobs instead of starting firms.
      In Entrepreneurial Activity Declines as Jobs Rise in 2012, according to Kauffman Report