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    2. 4 Lessons All Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Snapchat

      4 Lessons All Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Snapchat
      ... their dad is going to think about it. This contrast is the reason why Snapchat and Facebook aren't Pepsi and Coke. They aren't Biggie and Tupac. The two aren't Uber and Lyft. They're simply apples and oranges, and entre...
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  2. Quotes about Coke

    1. Our entire marketing budget for the year is probably equal to Coke's advertising budget for a single day.
      In Want Your Ad to Go Viral? Get a TV Network to Ban It.
    2. Would you like fries and a Coke with that?
      In 5 Reasons Why Philosophy Majors Make Great Entrepreneurs
    3. Car companies introduce new models each year, running shoes grow ever lighter and more flexible, Coca-Cola offers a new version of Coke. Smart companies are always looking to make their current products better--and there are many ways to do this.
      In How to Build an Extraordinarily Innovative Organization