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    2. Best time to own a small business is now, poll says - ABC10

      Best time to own a small business is now, poll says - ABC10
      ...worse the past year. “The top issue is rising healthcare costs,” as a result of the Affordable Care Act, says Bill Dunkelberg, NFIB’s chief economist. The health care reform law will add $67,000 in costs this year for re...
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  2. About Bill Dunkelberg

    Bill Dunkelberg

    Dr. Dunkelberg is a nationally known authority on small business, entrepreneurship, consumer behavior and consumer credit and government policy. Appearances include CNN, CNBC, the ABC, CBS and NBC Evening News programs, Good Morning America, and numerous local news and business TV and radio shows. He speaks to thousands of professionals at events across the country and serves on the economic forecasting panels for USA Today and Business Week.

    Dr. Dunkelberg is an accomplished and popular speaker, has served on the boards of a number of companies, and has been involved in a number of successful turnarounds and sales of companies. He served as the Dean of the Fox School of Business at Temple University for 8 years. He writes a monthly report on the economy, available at www.smallbus.org.


    Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/billdunkelberg



    1. The net percent of business owners planning to create new jobs is down 2 points to 10 percent, which is still a solid number.
      In Small Biz Hiring Good Though Unemployment Expected to Increase | NFIB
    2. Optimism isn't really up and running.
      In Why Small Businesses Don't Want a Loan
    3. A decline in job openings and capital spending plans were primarily responsible for September's Index decline. Overall, small business owners are still stuck in a rut that has been difficult to escape.
      In NFIB Small Business Optimism falls to 95.3 in September - Investing
    4. Overall, the March gain more or less reversed the February decline. While the Index still can't seem to get above 95, we can be encouraged that the economy is at least crawling forward and not heading in reverse.
      In NFIB: Small-Business Owner Roller Coaster Continues
    5. As long as uncertainty remains high, owners will remain cautious when it comes to increasing inventory. Business owners aren't going to bet their money on a future they cannot see clearly.
      In Small Business Optimism, Hiring Plans Drop in February
    6. Shoving too much fuel into the engine can produce a stall. Certainly job growth is not responding, only the counter-factual could justify keeping the foot on the gas pedal.
      In Shutdown Dampens Small Business Optimism in October
    7. Washington paralysis is never good news for the economy, so it was no surprise that while politicians were arguing over whether or not the government should remain fully operational, small-business optimism measures deteriorated.
      In Uncertainty: The Enemy of Economic Growth
    8. Owners are reporting sub-par levels of hiring, so job growth remains anemic even with low levels of initial unemployment claims.
      In Small businesses deliver a much-needed economic jolt, add 74,000 jobs in September
    9. The August reading provided us with a rather perplexing set of statistics.
      In Small business hiring plans hit post-recession high — but are they realistic? - Washington Post
    10. Overall, there is not a lot of promise for new job growth.
      In Small businesses keep shrinking, report shows