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    1. 30 Lessons I Learned From Creating Over 30 Products

      30 Lessons I Learned From Creating Over 30 Products

      Far too many ittybiz owners never get around to creating their first product because they think the process is going to be too hard. (And if they get through that first product, it’s such an ordeal that they avoid ever attempting another one.)

      This is tragic, considering how much money you can make from a product – not only from the initial launch (or release), but also from the passive sales that can pad your revenue for years.

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    2. Digital Nomad 101: 6 Things I’ve Learned After 6 Months On The Road

      Digital Nomad 101: 6 Things I’ve Learned After 6 Months On The Road

      The digital nomad lifestyle has been the holy grail of the internet business set for years now. To be truly location independent is, for many, the absolute epitome of entrepreneurial success.

      On a level, I’ve been a digital nomad for years. I read The 4-Hour Workweek, fell in love with the lifestyle, and got my butt on that train as fast as I could. But my digital nomad adventures have only been true as far as they’ve been true. I’ve been cheating. I haven’t really done much working on the road.

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    3. Do You Really Have To Do ALL The Marketing Things?

      Do You Really Have To Do ALL The Marketing Things?

      From the Ask Naomi mailbag:

      Hi Naomi,

      You don’t know me, but my boyfriend is a reader of yours and he suggested I reach out to you. I’m overwhelmed and I need help.

      He said you have some posts on how to manage all the things you’re supposed to be doing. Not like, productivity. More like, all the directions you’re supposed to be going in at once.

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    4. 50 Shades of YAY: Ways To Celebrate Success

      50 Shades of YAY: Ways To Celebrate Success

      You want ways to celebrate? We’ve got ways to celebrate.

      Whatever it is that you’re celebrating probably took a lot out of you and might have been a long time coming. Even if all you did was decide on a domain name, that decision was birthed after a long labor.

      1. Champagne. Good champagne. Special champagne. “Good” and “special” are not price categories – they’re subjective feelings. Buy the champagne that feels good to you.

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    5. 12 Easy Ways to Spring Clean Your Branding Without A Full Redesign

      12 Easy Ways to Spring Clean Your Branding Without A Full Redesign

      It’s been spring cleaning week here. For the last week or so, I’ve been dutifully dusting and shining and fluffing the pillows of my website and social media presence.

      A lot of people want to freshen up their website, but aren’t ready to commit to the sometimes gruelling process of a redesign. With spring in mind, let’s look at a few smaller things you can do to breathe some fresh life into the place.

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    6. 11 Warning Signs Your Business Has A Serious Upper Limit Problem

      11 Warning Signs Your Business Has A Serious Upper Limit Problem

      Are you familiar with the “upper limit problem”? It’s a term coined by Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks in their book, The Big Leap. It’s a delightfully destructive form of self-sabotage that kicks in riiiiiight around when things are getting good.

      Here’s how Hendricks puts it:

      “The ULP is the human tendency to put the brakes on our positive energy when we’ve exceeded our unconscious thermostat setting for how good we can feel, how successful we can be, and how much love we can feel.”

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    7. 4 Ways To Write Blog Posts WITHOUT Giving Away The Farm

      4 Ways To Write Blog Posts WITHOUT Giving Away The Farm

      A big concern for a lot of bloggers is “giving away the farm”.

      It’s an understandable concern.

      All of the content marketing rules say we have to blog our very best stuff, but isn’t that supposed to be what goes in our products? Or our coaching? Or our services?

      While this paradox can cause feelings of confusion and overwhelm (not to mention hangovers!) it’s most damaging consequence is paralysis. We don’t know what to do, so we do nothing, with predictable results.

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    8. Paralyzed by Indecision? Get Unstuck With This One Weird Trick

      Every now and again, a client will come to me with a question that is BIG. It’s complicated. It’s nuanced. It’s got a ton of moving pieces.

      Often, this person might be in an industry I’m not familiar with. Or they have contracted me late in a process, and have multiple projects they’d have to catch me up on. Or there are too many options to count, let alone process and consider.

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    9. How Innovative Are You Willing To Be?

      How Innovative Are You Willing To Be?

      Innovation has become a weird word. It conjures up images of inventing the next iPad, or revolutionizing an industry, or doing something so epic that IT. CHANGES. EVERYTHING.

      But it didn’t always mean that.

      It used to also mean “figuring out a way to do something you didn’t think could be done.”

      Sure, inventing Post-It notes was innovative.

      But so is bartering with a web designer so you can get that $1,500 website without having to pay the cash you don’t have.

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    10. How To Confidently Raise Your Rates

      Raising your rates – whether you’re a freelancer, service provider, product maker or coach – always seems to bring out the squeamish side of people.

      I can see why. However, I’m not interested in dwelling on money issues and hangups. They do no one any good.

      So, let’s get practical and look at what it will take to raise your rates confidently, without fear of alienating your customers, going broke and/or dying in a gutter (alone).

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    11. A Simple Little Strategy For Getting Twice As Much Done

      Yesterday, we talked about looking at your typical business activities and testing to see if they’re getting you the results you want. Today, we’re going to talk about getting more stuff done. Think of a few things you do on a fairly regualr(ish) basis that you tend to resist, avoid, or put off. Starter ideas could be: blog posts, invoicing, replying to emails, setting up a new “about” page, whatever. Now, ask yourself if you know how long it would take to do that thing, in actual minutes. So!

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    12. How To Manage Client Requests That Add Up

      How To Manage Client Requests That Add Up

      “My recording clients contact me with small requests and follow up queries after they’re done with their paid work – small things like ‘I forgot to ask you for a version of of my track without backing vocals could you just run one off’ and ‘I just got an offer to cowrite – what do you think? Here is a link to the song …’ This week it has averaged 4-5 of these little asks per day. Up till now I have just done the tasks – but the work is really adding up.

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    13. This Week’s Assignment

      This Week’s Assignment

      Today I went online to look for some information. I was looking to make a painting, a big one, and I wanted to find a supplier of paper in the size I needed. I found myself on a forum post from several years ago. Somebody wanted something similar, and forum participants were offering potential options. This company makes it in 6 x 8, that company only goes up to 5 feet, this other one is really expensive – that sort of thing.

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    14. Is Your Objective Narrow Enough?

      Is Your Objective Narrow Enough?

      Recently, I found myself in a Denny’s. Sometimes there’s not much to do in a Denny’s other than stare at a bottle of ketchup, and so stare at a bottle of ketchup I did. This particular bottle of ketchup was a little bit special. It was cobranded – Heinz and Trivial Pursuit – and on the back was an invitation to scan a QR code to “start the fun”. The fun refers, I assume, to a version of Trivial Pursuit that you can play with your family while you wait for your food.

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    15. A Quick Way To Get Your Business Growing

      Imagine for a moment that you would like to make significantly more money with your business over the next 12 months than you did the previous 12. (That shouldn’t be too much of an effort to visualize. ) Now, let’s think about how to do that. You could do something new. Hop on some new and popular platform. Go to a seminar and learn what tactics are hot like toast these days. Join a mastermind group. Whatever sounds novel and exciting to you. Or, you could do something old.

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    16. 7 Real-Life Hacks For Juggling Far Too Many Balls

      7 Real-Life Hacks For Juggling Far Too Many Balls

      “I am not sure I can juggle any more balls successfully to keep all my clients happy, while still taking calls and emails from future and past clients… Have you got any good advice as how to manage any more without losing the plot?” That’s a very good question, especially since it can still apply if you replace the word “clients” with “projects”. You don’t need to have a full book to be overbooked on things to do.

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    17. Last Day! Class starts today, registration closes tonight!

      Last Day! Class starts today, registration closes tonight!

      Today is the very last day to register for our 3-pack of classes that teach you how to get more people buying from you in 2015.


      This class is self-paced with live support (and email support), so when you register today you’ll be able to download your first class pack this evening and get rolling.

      For those new to the list, check out the link above to see what we’re going to teach you about:

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    18. Awkward Business Conversations: How to Fire a Client

      Awkward Business Conversations: How to Fire a Client

      Welcome back to Awkward Conversations Week! As promised yesterday in turning down a potential client, today we’re going to talk about terminating an existing client relationship.

      In preparation for writing this article, and to avoid reinventing the wheel, I pulled up my handy dandy search engine and searched for the phrase “how to fire a client”.

      I found a lot, but I didn’t find much.

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    19. Should You Have A Signature Service?

      It is generally accepted as lore that if you want to be a Very Important Coach Indeed – or, in fact, be able to purchase Christmas gifts for your loved ones – you must have a Signature Service.

      A signature service, also known as “Off The Shelf”, “5 Step Program”, and a few other things that enterprising gurus have trademarked – basically means factory coaching.

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    20. Do I Really Need to Pick a Niche?

      The word on the street is (and kind of always has been) that you MUST pick a niche or your business will fall into obscurity, and you will end up in the streets panhandling next to all the other poor saps who didn’t pick their niche.

      (And all the while you’ll be begging for scraps, because one of your fellow panhandlers “niched down” his location to in front of the bus stop, thereby taking your best prospects before they even got to you. Oh, the humanity.)

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    21. How Good Do I Need To Be?

      Way back in the stone age of the internet, I think it was 2008 or so, I ran a blog post called When Fine is Plenty. In that post, we talked about how you could make a very nice living being the dictionary definition of “good enough.”

      There was a time when I said you didn’t have to be great. But that was before everyone and their schnauzer paid $2,000 to be told “You don’t need talent to succeed.”

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