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    1. Diversity Experts’ Top 3 Mistakes That Are Slowing Down Progress

      Diversity Experts’ Top 3 Mistakes That Are Slowing Down Progress

      Companies have been working for years to become more diverse and inclusive, especially in the tech sector. And yet seemingly weekly, there’s a new breaking story about sexual harassment, unequal pay, and toxic work environments–or a company releasing diversity metrics that have barely budged. Despite the time, money, and resources dedicated to these efforts, progress has been slow across the board.

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    2. The Smallest of the Small

      The Smallest of the Small

      Have you ever noticed the fact that once you begin to think about something, you see it everywhere? Anyone who has ever begun the search for a new automobile can attest, from the moment you Google it, you begin to pass that model in traffic everywhere. Of course, they were there the whole time, we simply didn't have them at top of mind. The same is true for anything and especially so with entrepreneurs. You may never notice the "little guy" who is just starting out.

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    3. The Common Traps of Working in Your Family's Business

      The Common Traps of Working in Your Family's Business

      He was eager to earn his colleagues’ respect, rather than relying on his family name to provide it. So he went to great lengths to be just “one of the gang” in every possible way. This included parking in the back of the building and walking through the production plant, rather than zipping into the reserved space he’d been provided near the executive offices in the front. Most days he would stop and chat on his walk through the factory, getting to know his colleagues and learning more about the operations. But one day, after his morning walkthrough, the plant manager surprised him with the question about the company’s future. Charlie reassured him that the company was actually having a banner year. Where had that worry come from?

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    4. This AI Turns Unrecognizable Pixelated Photos Into Crystal-Clear Image

      This AI Turns Unrecognizable Pixelated Photos Into Crystal-Clear Image

      Remember all the times you snickered when some TV character zoomed in on a photo and said “Enhance!” turning a blurred mess into a highly detailed, razor-sharp image? Now there’s a system–an artificial intelligence-powered image-scaling program called EnhanceNet –that will make that film trope impossible to laugh at, because it’s now a technological reality. Just look at the images above. They’re not fake.

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    5. How To Impress Recruiters When You’re Unemployed

      How To Impress Recruiters When You’re Unemployed

      Chances are you already know a little bit about bias. People are constantly judged for what they wear, how they speak, how much is in their bank accounts–and opportunities can be lost simply because someone sees you in an inaccurate way. Bias creeps into our careers, too–and unfortunately, we can be stereotyped by a recruiter based on our resumes alone. If you’re unemployed, quite frankly, you could have a significant amount of bias working against you.

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