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    1. Which One Of These Visions Of How We’ll Work In The Future Sounds Most Appealing?

      Which One Of These Visions Of How We’ll Work In The Future Sounds Most Appealing?

      At a time when machines are getting smarter and more capable and traditional jobs are being replaced with looser forms of employment (from freelancing to gigs), America is agonizing over the future of work. Will there be enough well-paying jobs or “tasks” for everyone? Can we continue to depend on work as a universal provider, or will other forms of income have to take up the slack? Can we support growing numbers of elderly people who might not be able to work?

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    2. Want More Employee Productivity, Engagement, and Trust? Do This.

      Want More Employee Productivity, Engagement, and Trust? Do This.

      There are typically two reasons we don't have the data we need: It doesn't exist, or someone won't give it to us. Dan Siroker is trying to solve both of these problems through his work as co-founder and CEO of Optimizely, the world's leading experimentation platform for businesses.Dan is an evangelist for companies using experimentation to see how new ideas will resonate with their market.

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    3. An Insider's Guide to LinkedIn Marketing

      An Insider's Guide to LinkedIn Marketing

      On this episode, Entrepreneur Network partner Mark Fidelman interviews Brynne Tillman of Peoplelinx to talk tips, tricks and trade secrets of LinkedIn marketing. How are you creating new connections? Are you reaching out to engage each new person, and if so, how? Tillman advises against battering your conections with pitches, but it's important to make an impression. So, is there a piece of content you can send them that you think they might like?

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    4. Why You Shouldn't Be an Entrepreneur

      Being an entrepreneur sounds great -- except when it isn't. I speak from experience. While sharing top marketing tips on OkDork, I founded AppSumo and Sumo, which is now an 8-figure business. (Before that, I saw what it's like to build a business as ...

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    5. The Biggest Mistakes New Executives Make

      The Biggest Mistakes New Executives Make

      Within the first 18 months, there’s a 50% chance a new executive will leave the organization. While some cite poor cultural fit, inadequate onboarding, or the lack of appropriate expectations as the cause, in reality, many new executives inadvertently set themselves up for failure within the first few months of their tenure by falling into common traps: Organizations invest a lot of time and money in hiring the right CEO or senior executive to set a vision and make the changes in their company.

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    6. Who Is the Perfect First Customer?

      Who Is the Perfect First Customer?

      Many entrepreneurs, especially those who are new to the industry or have never started a company before, struggle when it comes to dealing with their first customers. It’s not that they can’t find anyone interested in buying their products or paying for their services -- which would be an entirely different problem -- but rather when to approach potential buyers and what to offer them.

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