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    1. Business Owners 2011 Hiring Toolkit - Help for small business owners through the hiring process.

      Hiring and Screening The Best and Worst Interview Questions There is a thin line between the questions you should and should not ask when interviewing a potential new hire. We help you to ask the right questions. View list Guides Every Tool You Need For Hiring Is it time to hire additional staff? This guide brings together all the tools you need to manage the process from new position planning ...
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    2. 5 Tips for Hiring Legal Counsel in Your Small Business

      5 Tips for Hiring Legal Counsel in Your Small Business
      Some readers know that I used to be a corporate attorney.  As a General Counsel I have hired literally hundreds of outside law firms to represent the company I worked for. Trademarks; patents; litigation; transactions; collections — you name it, I’ve probably hired a law firm to handle it. I’ve managed counsel in law firms ranging in size from solo practitioners, to the largest law firms in the world, such as Jones Day, Mayer Brown, and Squire Sanders & Dempsey,Read More From Small Business Trends5 Tips for Hiring Legal Counsel in Your Small Business
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    3. The Weekender: End of Year Recap and More!

      The Weekender: End of Year Recap and More!
      From OPEN Forum Editor: Too busy to catch up on your favorite OPEN Forum authors every day? The OPEN Forum Editorial team is pleased to present the “Weekender” roundup to fill you in on the can’t miss OPEN Forum stories of the week. This week it’s all about mentorship, planning in-store events, and the wrap-up of the best OPEN Forum articles of 2010.   End  of  year OPEN Forum recap. OPEN Forum expert Scott Roen picked a list of his favorite articles from 2010. From John Jantsch’s Twitter article to Wise Bread’s piece on 2010 tax rules, Roen selects a few articles to keep you in the loop and on your game. Scott Roen, American Express OPEN   How do you respond? Ann Handley asks a crucial question that every small business owner must face at some point in time: How do you respond when your customers opt ...
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    4. Hire for Fit Over Experience

      Hire for Fit Over Experience
      From John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing: One of the most commonly voiced secrets of success that business have shared with mover the years is the idea of hiring the right people. But, this notion always starts with knowing who or what that is.   In much the same way a business might research and attempt to attract the ideal customer, healthy businesses also focus on attracting the ideal employee.   Here’s the thinking that is behind this powerful idea – If the company takes care of the staff, the staff takes care of the customer, and the customer takes care of the business.   Southwest Airlines is famous for their service. They openly admit they “hire for attitude, and train for skill.” One of the ways they hire for attitude is through a thorough and somewhat offbeat interview process. Want more hiring tips? Check these out: 4 Web Apps for Managing Job Applications ...
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    5. Big Opportunities Meet Small-Business Operators

      Big Opportunities Meet Small-Business Operators
      Anyone thinking about starting a business -- and entrepreneurs already running their own small business -- faces new opportunities, thanks to recent changes in legislation. If you've been dreaming of opening your own business, following that dream into 2011 will allow you to capitalize on these new opportunities. Many of these legislative acts have an expiration date, while some offer advantages many years into the future. ...
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    6. Give Yourself the Gift of Time

      Give Yourself the Gift of Time
      From NELL MERLINO: Do you imagine being able to do more work if you were more caffeinated?  With a couple of additional hours awake you could finish everything on your business, family and holiday to-do lists, right?   Many small business owners do all the work themselves—even more so among women business owners, as only 20 percent have employees. These women are spreading too thin. Maybe it’s time to start thinking: How do I give myself the Gift of Time?   You need to be dedicated to doing what you do best and find other people to do everything else. “Just me” is going to get you just so far. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, even if it’s hiring a virtual assistant to help with bookkeeping. At some point, you have to let go. The gift of time truly comes when you go from being self-employed ...
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