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    1. Give Yourself the Gift of Time

      Give Yourself the Gift of Time
      From NELL MERLINO: Do you imagine being able to do more work if you were more caffeinated?  With a couple of additional hours awake you could finish everything on your business, family and holiday to-do lists, right?   Many small business owners do all the work themselves—even more so among women business owners, as only 20 percent have employees. These women are spreading too thin. Maybe it’s time to start thinking: How do I give myself the Gift of Time?   You need to be dedicated to doing what you do best and find other people to do everything else. “Just me” is going to get you just so far. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, even if it’s hiring a virtual assistant to help with bookkeeping. At some point, you have to let go. The gift of time truly comes when you go from being self-employed ...
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    2. Invest In Your Business and Stop Putting Out Fires: 4 Resources From Intuit

      I know your busy running your business (like I am). You're concerned about hiring employees, finding free lance help, getting new customers, still confused about how to leverage your online presence and pay those bills that never stop coming. However, sometimes you just have to get a cup of tea, breathe deeply and do some reading and thinking about your business. You have to run your business, but if you do not take the time to THINK about the growth of your business and take the time to leverage resources (free and fee based) that are available to you, you're leaving opportunities and often times actual money, on the table. Well here's your chance and one of them includes winning $100,000 or helping another business win with a four resources from Intuit:
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    3. What’s good for small business is good for the world

      What’s good for small business is good for the world
      The mid-term Congressional elections will be held barely more than a month from now and, if you’re a political junkie, it’s been a high time. This is the most interesting political landscape in my lifetime for a two specific reasons: There is an almost unprecedented dramatic line between what the two main political parties stand for. Both [...]
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