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    1. Is the American Jobs Act the Right Course for Small Business Growth?

      Is the American Jobs Act the Right Course for Small Business Growth?
      While President Obama urged Congress to pass his $447 billion jobs bill combining tax cuts and new government spending, skepticism remains as to whether the package could kick-start the stalled economy and if it would indeed pay for itself as the President promised. President Obama’s “American Jobs Act” proposals include a 50 percent cut in payroll taxes, incentives for businesses to hire returning veterans and people who have been unemployed for more than six months, and new spending on America’sRead More From Small Business TrendsIs the American Jobs Act the Right Course for Small Business Growth?
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    2. Small businesses mildly hopeful on Obama jobs plan

      WASHINGTON -- Small businesses, the focus of President Barack Obama's job-creation plan, say they wouldn't suddenly boost hiring if his proposed tax cuts took effect. But they say his sweeteners could spur companies that were considering hiring to take the plunge -- if their sales picked up.
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    3. Thinking beyond pay to keep your star employees

      FORTUNE -- The team at Scott Belsky's company, Behance, is made up of people he calls "long-term greedy instead of short-term greedy." They understand that the fast-growing business, which serves as a web platform for creative professionals to showcase their work, often requires its employees to blend their work and personal lives and to think about work beyond normal business hours. Behance staffers also understand, Belsky says, that it's not the type of company where they can walk into the boss's office to demand a raise, and where pay decisions often come down to paying staff more or hiring more people to manage the company's growth, which currently receives around 50 million page views a month.
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    4. This Week in Small Business: Fat, Flat and Falling

      This Week in Small Business: Fat, Flat and Falling
      The ISM Non-Manufacturing Index shows a slower expansion in June. The office market vacancy rate was flat in the second quarter compared to the first. Americans are getting fatter. Factory orders rose in May. Consumer bankruptcy filings fall 8 percent in the first half of 2011. Mall vacancies rise. The Los Angeles Times reports that gas prices are unlikely to rise much more this summer.
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