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    1. 10 Facts That Will Change How You Think About Opportunity and Entrepreneurship

      The study looks at trends across cities and states and explores who -- by age, gender, race and even veteran status -- chooses to be an entrepreneur . Read on for 10 facts about what entrepreneurship looks like now. Three years ago, startup activity hit ...

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    2. What Startup Founders Can Learn From Astronauts

      What do astronauts and the most successful startup founders have in common? Well, quite a lot, it turns out. Both driven and deliberate, entrepreneurs and astronauts tend to possess special skills that push them forward and help them reach their goals. If you're just starting out - and even if you're not - here are a few vital attributes of the men and women with the Right Stuff worth emulating: "There are no wishy-washy astronauts," in the words of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.

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    3. Help! I Don’t Know How to Say No to My Adult Children

      Help! I Don’t Know How to Say No to My Adult Children

      First, let me say I don’t think I’m a great parent, but I do try to be one. I know the way I parent is different than how a lot of people are with their kids. I just don’t know if that’s good or bad. My kids are grown up. My son is 24 and lives with his girlfriend in an apartment a few miles away. My daughter is 25, lives halfway across the country, and recently graduated from college with a degree in anthropology. Neither is employed.

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    4. How Wine Can Help You at Work (Seriously!)

      How Wine Can Help You at Work (Seriously!)

      When Bianca Bosker quit her job as Executive Tech Editor at Huffington Post, she decided to dive into the world of wine and become a sommelier. She chronicles the whirlwind journey in her best-selling new book, Cork Dork. For years, Bosker had been staring at screens, writing about screens, and only looking at the world in two dimensions. She was interested in getting back to basics, and adding two senses that we have decided aren't as important as the others -- taste and smell.

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    5. Looking To Hire A Ghostwriter? Here are 5 Things That Separate The Good From The Great

      Looking To Hire A Ghostwriter? Here are 5 Things That Separate The Good From The Great

      I am a ghostwriter specifically for serial entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, and business owners. And one of the most frequent questions I get asked from both other writers and potential clients is, "What makes a great ghostwriter?" Whether you are a writer looking to get into ghostwriting, or a busy entrepreneur looking for a wordsmith to handcraft your story, here's what you need to know about the art of ghostwriting, and what separates a good ghostwriter from a great one: I studied creative writing in college, and every single one of my teachers heavily emphasized the difference between telling and ...

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