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    1. How To Remain Confident When You Keep Getting Rejected From Jobs

      For most people, job searching entails some rejection. You send in a resume and receive no response. You go to an interview and don’t get a callback. You go to another interview and get ghosted. But, knowing it can happen doesn’t lessen the sting. It’s normal to feel disappointed when an opportunity doesn’t pan out, and you don’t want the fear of losing out to hold you back. With that in mind, here’s how to rebuild yours.

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    2. Digiday Changemakers: Media

      Digiday Changemakers: Media

      Melissa Bell, publisher, Vox Media Journalism can’t flourish without technology today. Melissa Bell understood this as a blogger, then platforms director, at The Washington Post. She took that understanding in 2014 to Vox Media, where she went to help start the news explainer site Vox.com. The company has grown quickly in a short time to eight verticals, including SB Nation, Eater, Curbed and Racked in addition to Vox.com.

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    3. Three Signs Impostor Syndrome Might Be Silently Hurting Your Career

      Three Signs Impostor Syndrome Might Be Silently Hurting Your Career

      When it comes to confidence, I am the quintessential example of someone who feels wholly unqualified to do his job. Some people close to me have said that it’s a good way to keep myself humble. But trust me, there are times when the feeling of being an impostor has completely derailed me at work.

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    4. Would You Pay $1,500 For A More Meaningful Career?

      Would You Pay $1,500 For A More Meaningful Career?

      It’s a weeknight in late April, and they’re all here to figure out how to leave jobs at big corporations. This is the ninth week of a 12-week career-change program by a London-based startup called “Escape the City”—its first one in New York—and just about everyone in the room (there’s a $250 early-bird discount) has paid $1,500 to try and do just that.

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    5. Investopedia CEO Says These Are the 3 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know

      Investopedia CEO Says These Are the 3 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know

      ... time to learn when that entrepreneurial fire works for you and when you need to bank it just a little to keep it from burning down the building. Here are three tips that I've found most useful in harnessing my intensity to become a more effective ...

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