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    1. What You Can Learn From 4 Big Brands Using Vine

      What You Can Learn From 4 Big Brands Using Vine

      The debate lingers over whether Instagram Video or Vine is a better platform for brand marketing. But one thing is certain: Vine offers a unique and effective means to deliver quick presentations. Perhaps that’s because Vine is owned by Twitter, and its clips, which are limited to six seconds, really feel like video versions of the 140-character missive.

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    2. Jason Miles Paints Instagram’s Big Picture for Small Businesses

      As a huge social media fan, Jason Miles eagerly hopped onto Pinterest shortly after its launch in 2010. Nuggets of how he used the site to catapult Liberty Jane Clothing, the “doll couture” company he co-founded with his wife, to success appear in the 2012 book Pinterest Power: Market Your Business, Sell Your Product, and Build Your Brand on the World’s Hottest Social Network.

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    3. Why You Might Want to Consider Advertising on Instagram

      Why You Might Want to Consider Advertising on Instagram

      It's still early days, but Instagram's newly released ad campaign metrics show promising results for advertisers. Ever thought of advertising on Instagram? Perhaps you should start now. On Thursday, the photo filtering and sharing site released early metrics from its initial advertising campaigns, and the results ought to excite social media-savvy marketers.

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