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    1. Can a sole proprietor have more than one business

      Can a sole proprietor have more than one business
      Question: Can a sole proprietor have more than one business? Answer: Yes. Next question. Easy peasy. Seriously, as a sole proprietor, you may have one (1) business or several businesses. There is no limit to the number of businesses in which you may engage. The Internal Revenue Service says you must report your income and your expenses from any endeavor entered into with a profit motive. That can be one or a dozen or even more. When reporting your business on a Schedule C, you must enter a Business Code. Therefore, if each of your businesses is in a field unrelated to the other--say, if you own/operate the following: Fine Leather Shoe Shop, K-9 Kennels: Prime Pups, AAA Accounting--you will need a separate Schedule C to report each business. Then, all Schedule C's will be totaled together and the final number will be carried to the front of ...
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    2. Google Media Solutions Series: Part 1, Back-to-Basics with Google AdWords and Search Marketing

      Over the next four weeks, the Google Agency Blog will be debunking common myths, passing on easy implementation tips, and sharing general how-to of Google advertising. We'll be cross-posting to this blog, since most of the tips are relevant to small businesses. You'll be able to find all the tips in one place under the label 'Google Media Solutions Series'.So, let's get started with Google’s search marketing product, Google AdWords. Using Google AdWords, you can target Google.com and the Google Search Network. This is a great solution to connect with potential customers who are searching for your clients’ products and services. It is flexible, measurable, and accountable. With AdWords, you can easily manage the spend of the account and control costs by setting a daily budget and maximum cost-per-click (CPC). Another benefit is that it’s easy to make changes to your clients’ ad ...
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    3. Customer Service Is Everyone’s Job

      Customer Service Is Everyone’s Job
      Customer Service Is Everyone’s JobThis content from: Duct Tape Marketing Customer Service Is Everyone’s JobThis content from: Duct Tape Marketing The International Business Series is brought to you by UPS. Discover the new logistics. It levels playing fields and lets you act locally or globally. It’s for the individual entrepreneur, the small business, or the large company. Put the new logistics to work for you. [...]
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    4. How the New Wave of IRS Audits Will Affect Your Small Business

      How the New Wave of IRS Audits Will Affect Your Small Business
      From Anita Campbell, Small Business Trends: Have you gotten an audit letter from the IRS yet? The agency is auditing 2,000 companies this year at random as part of its Employment Tax National Research Project (NRP).   If you haven’t received an audit letter, that doesn’t mean you can relax. The IRS will continue performing 2,000 random audits each year through 2012. And even if your company never receives an audit letter, the results of the project will have far-reaching impact on all small businesses.   In its announcement of the NRP last November, the IRS said the audits will be “comprehensive.” This is the first NRP in 25 years; its purpose is to see how well businesses are complying with employment tax regulations, which have changed substantially in that time.   As CFO Zone pointed out recently, the main impetus behind the project is the IRS’s desire ...
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    5. How to Accept Credit Card Payments on Mobile Devices

      How to Accept Credit Card Payments on Mobile Devices
      From Jennifer Van Grove, Mashable: In recent months, a few new mobile payment solutions have launched to allow for accepting credit card payments via mobile devices -- a small business owner's best friend.   In fact, when using one of the available services, a retailer of any size -- even a farmer's market vendor, babysitter or upstart vegan donut maker run out of a kiosk -- can start selling their products to anyone with a credit card.   The three services profiled here -- Square, Intuit GoPayment and PAYware Mobile -- hail from experienced entrepreneurs and seasoned payment veterans, and each offers a slight variation on the same idea that you can accept payments from anyone, everywhere.   These variations, however, are significant depending on the type of business you run and the amount of transactions you plan to process. You can use the information below to help in the decision-making and merchant setup processes. Make ...
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    6. New Video Series Helps Ease Pain of an IRS Audit

      New Video Series Helps Ease Pain of an IRS Audit
      From Michael Periu, EcoFin Media: Few activities can be considered less desirable than an audit by the Internal Revenue Service.  Even a root canal may rank slightly above it.     Last year, 1.03 percent of tax returns filed were audited.  This represents over 1.4 million audits. Over 97 percent of these audits were for individual tax returns, leaving a small percentage for business audits.  For small corporations, only 0.85 percent of returns were audited, 0.4 percent of Subchapter S corporations, and 0.38 percent of partnerships were audited.  Even though the percentages are relatively small, it still represents nearly 50,000 business audits.   Most audits occur for a reason. They do not occur randomly.  Therefore it is possible to minimize your chance of being audited by preparing your tax returns correctly, even if it means paying for high quality tax advice.  One tool that can help you ...
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    7. 5 Tips for Utilizing Skype for Business

      5 Tips for Utilizing Skype for Business
      From Ben Parr, Mashable: When it comes to business communication, Skype is an invaluable tool. Its impressive array of features make it ideal for sending files, checking in on business partners, holding video conferences and making international calls.   Its popularity cannot be denied; the VoIP client has over 550 million users and actually accounted for 12 percent of the world's international calls in 2009. There's definitely a reason why one-third of Skype users utilize it primarily for business.   Very few get the full value out of Skype, though. Many in the business world don't realize just how useful Skype can be or how much time it can save for those that know its best features or the tricks for getting the most of the desktop client.   We could write a book-length guide on using Skype, but here are five of our favorite tips for getting the most ...
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    8. Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 Does Little for Small Business

      Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 Does Little for Small Business
      From Barbara Weltman: Anita Campbell suggests that small business owners be pragmatic about the new law and look to what’s good in it. I would take this a step further and say that the Small Business Jobs Act is a misnomer and not the right legislation to accomplish any of the stated goals. According to the Senate Finance Committee, the Act:   Gives small businesses $12 billion in tax cuts Helps small businesses create 500,000 new jobs Incentivizes and increases small business lending Helps small business owners access private capital to finance an expansion and hire new workers Rewards entrepreneurs for investing in new small businesses Helps Main Street businesses compete with large corporations Let’s examine the provisions within the Act to see whether they will help to accomplish these goals.   $12 billion in tax cuts   The dollar loss in revenue from the tax cuts may add up ...
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    9. How to Choose the Right Bank Account for Your Business

      How to Choose the Right Bank Account for Your Business
      From Shira Levine, Business Insider: Growing your small business’s money in a savings account isn’t as quick and easy as it used to be. Unfortunately the options don’t offer the same ease and confidence they did a few years ago.   In today’s market, safety and speed are critical when choosing the right place to put your money. Here’s what you should look for to get the best of the lot:   Look online.  Some of the better savings accounts can be found online. Cast aside any fears of online banking and recognize that these days, the online experience is as safe as the in-person bank visit. Online banking offers the same services with even higher interest rates. Many don’t require a minimum balance either.   Protect your money. Putting your money into a savings account is a safe move. A good savings account insures up to ...
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