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    1. The Most Potent Customer Experience of All

      The Most Potent Customer Experience of All

      The Most Potent Customer Experience of All written by John Jantsch read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing I was recently talking to a group of small business owners and marketers about the notion of creating a better customer experience and I asked members of the group to share what works for them. One of the group members confided that while they do lots of things to wow their customers the most profitableContinue ReadingIf You Liked This Post. . . :Weekend Favs June OneHow to Give Stuff Away to Generate ReferralsHow to Create the Ultimate Customer ExperienceThe Community Is the BusinessHow to Attract and Retain Customers

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    2. 3 Keys to a Better Customer Experience

      3 Keys to a Better Customer Experience

      Guaranteed Rate may be the fastest-growing privately-held company in Chicago, largely because it pounced on customer experience as a differentiator. After being in the digital marketing industry for over 17 years, I know that one of the best ways to learn is by studying those that have found success. In an effort to continue learning, I've been sitting down with senior marketing leaders who are providing cutting-edge digital marketing solutions. Recently, I spoke with Bob Armour, CMO at Guaranteed Rate, to learn about the strategy behind one of Chicago's top privately-held companies. According to Crain's Chicago Business, Guaranteed Rate has the fastest revenue growth of any private company based in Chicago. Guaranteed Rate is now the 8th largest retail mortgage company nationwide, up from 16th in 2012. Guaranteed Rate has done an excellent job of identifying and alleviating pain points in the mortgage process, paving a great ...

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    3. Stellar Customer Experience: 4 Tips

      Stellar Customer Experience: 4 Tips

      Take a cue from other businesses that have excellent customer service and learn to incorporate those strategies into your business. I've been thinking a lot about our customer experience lately as we'll soon be making some sweeping changes to the way we do business at my online marketing company VerticalResponse. When I see other businesses that do a bang up job with their customer experience, I take copious notes of how we might incorporate it into the way we'll do things. I'd like to focus on a company that originated in San Francisco called One Medical. If you can believe it, they're reinventing the dreaded doctor's office visit! I've broken it down into four customer experience touch points that make a difference for this business and that all of us might learn from. 1. Ease of Use, Right From the Start You might ...

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    4. You Don't Have to Be a High-End Firm to Offer High-End Customer Service

      You Don't Have to Be a High-End Firm to Offer High-End Customer Service

      A recent trip using Enterprise Rent-A-Car reminds me luxury customer service isn't expensive, but hugely desirable. Whenever I rent a car, I call what I believe to be the high-end rental car agency. Recently, I traveled with a few co-workers to Chicago; Andrew, Beryl's vice president of HR, had order a car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. My first thought was that we would have a long ride to an off-airport location, stand in a line, and then squeeze four people into some tiny car--just to save a few bucks. (Enterprise is not my high-end rental agency.) Boy was I wrong. We took the airport shuttle to the Enterprise building. I was disappointed I didn't see a display sign, with information on exactly where to find a rented car, like my usual rental company. We had to go inside and wait in line. But as soon as we got ...

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    5. 6 Techniques to Improve Customer Experience

      6 Techniques to Improve Customer Experience

      From Ivana Taylor: Companies need to know that online users are the key to their success, not their customers. In his book, Users Not Customers, digital-marketing CEO Aaron Shapiro makes the case that focusing on users’ online experience with your business will increase your profitability and success in spades. It’s hard to imagine that anything can be as important as the customer experience. After all, customers are the reason we can continue doing business, right? But Shapiro's research shows that online users are the reason that our companies stay in business. (Shapiro is the CEO of Huge, a digital marketing agency.) The digital impression that we create for our users directly correlates to whether they become profitable customers. Think of users as prospects or potential customers. They are the people who are interacting with our business online and offline. And the quality of their impression—how easy it ...

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