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    1. It's Every Entrepreneur's Responsibility to Invest in Other Startups

      Crowdfunding has proven to be a revolutionary form of startup financing; and as a young entrepreneur, I can personally attest that it changed my life. After all, it was through the contributions of generous crowdfunders that I was able to launch my first product, Valuation App, despite my lack of capital or a successful track record. Without those contributions, my entrepreneurial aspirations probably would have remained a distant dream.

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    2. Crowdfunding vs VC Money - an entrepreneur's perspective - The Next Web

      Crowdfunding vs VC Money - an entrepreneur's perspective - The Next Web

      Equity crowdfunding is growing, and fast becoming a real alternative to raising Venture Capital. Crowdcube have just claimed their first crowdfunded exit. After closing our own £2M crowdfunding round in June, we’ve been bombarded by founders and VCs asking us to share our story and hear what we learned. We have great existing institutional investors and have raised multiple VC rounds before, in this and other businesses, so we know both sides.

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    3. These 'Dressy' Sweatpants Are Killing It on Kickstarter

      These 'Dressy' Sweatpants Are Killing It on Kickstarter

      It almost feels like cheating when you’re wearing something that looks awesome and is super comfy. It’s usually one or the other -- not both. That’s why Chicago-based Public Rec has been so successful on Kickstarter. The ‘dressy’ sweatpant, made by once-upon-a-time finance guy Zach Goldstein, has raised $93,000, more than six times the crowdfunding campaign’s $15,000 goal. The campaign ends July 18. “We think there is a gap in menswear.

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    4. Indiegogo Says Users Have Raised Over $500 Million

      Indiegogo Says Users Have Raised Over $500 Million

      Indiegogo, the crowdfunding website often overshadowed by bigger and better-known competitor Kickstarter, is shedding some light on its numbers. The San Francisco company, which allows customers to raise funds online for their projects, says its users have raised “significantly above” $500 million since its 2008 inception. That’s about a third of the amount that Kickstarter users have raised in roughly the same time period.

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    5. 7 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Crowdfunding Campaign

      7 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Crowdfunding Campaign

      If you're considering crowdfunding to raise money for your business there's no shortage of platforms you can use. In fact, according to one report, at least 1,250 active crowdfunding platforms exist worldwide and the industry is on track to raise $34.4 billion in 2015. But it's important to carefully weigh your options before jumping into the fray, says Aaron McDaniel, CEO of equity crowdfunding deal aggregator Access, a mobile app slated to launch this summer.

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    6. Federal Regulators Go After Crowdfunding Scam

      Federal regulators are going after people who raise money online through crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe but don't follow through on their promises. In its first case involving crowdfunding, the Federal Trade Commission announced Thursday that it has settled charges against a man who raised $122,000 through Kickstarter to produce a board game that never materialized.

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    7. 4 Tips to Use Crowdfunding to Make Startup Dreams a Reality

      Crowdfunding is becoming a more popular and conventional route for startups to procure early rounds of funding. Crowdfunding platforms are convenient, simple to use and reach a wide audience of investors at a low cost. After President Barack Obama signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act into law in 2012, non-SEC registered individuals could invest in companies with a greater percentage of their income.

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    8. Social Entrepreneur: 'I Learned To Manage Stress Instead Of Stress Managing Me'

      Social Entrepreneur: 'I Learned To Manage Stress Instead Of Stress Managing Me'

      In order to address the needs of the billions of stressed out people like me who don’t meditate, Libshtein has created a solution. He explains, “I want to help the world be transformed, reduce stress, increase life’s energy, vitality and inspiration. I believe we have found a solution. It combines a digital bracelet that measures stress levels and helps us recognise when it begins and what affects it, plus an app that provides a customised solution to reduce the stress. The app gives us a playlist of music, breathing and guided imagery that work in sync with the feedback from our body. Together they produce a winning solution.”

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