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    1. Crowdfunding platform ships product samples to potential investors

      Crowdfunding platform ships product samples to potential investors

      When a crowdfunding site offers free samples to potential investors, is it an enticement to get someone to risk their money, or a service to help people assess their bets? CircleUp, a site connecting accredited investors to consumer product companies, argues it is the latter. The San Francisco firm recently started providing samples from its companies to potential investors, through a partnership with Swaggable, an online company that distributes free product samples in exchange for written revi

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    2. What the SEC Shakeup Means for Crowdfunding (It's Not All Bad)

      What the SEC Shakeup Means for Crowdfunding (It's Not All Bad)

      SEC Chief Mary Schapiro will step down from her post next month. Will the agency's interim leader finally be able to make new crowdfunding for start-ups a reality? Mary Schapiro, the outgoing chairwoman of the Security and Exchange Commission, leaves behind an impressive legacy: In each of the past two years, the SEC chairwoman has brought more enforcement actions than in any prior year, all during "one of the busiest rulemaking periods in decades," according to an official SEC statement.But on setting the regulatory guidelines for the JOBS Act--which will determine the legalities of crowdfunding--Schapiro has notoriously dragged her feet, saying, back in June, that it was "not feasible" to meet the JOBS Act's 90-day deadline. That delay left many entrepreneurs frustrated."The law was passed in April, and it had 90 days to be implemented," Rory Eakin, co-founder and COO of CircleUp, a San Francisco-based crowdfunding ...

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    3. Kickstarter Won't Sell Out

      Kickstarter Won't Sell Out

      The world's most popular crowdfunding site, founded by Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler, and Charles Adler, has helped 80,000 entrepreneurs and artists fund projects. Now, Kickstarter is working hard to stay true to its roots. Perry Chen, the CEO of Kickstarter, the world's most popular crowdfunding website, takes a moment to compose himself. It's early November in San Francisco, and Chen is on stage at the GigaOm Roadmap conference at San Francisco State University, chatting with GigaOm founder Om Malik--a calmer, more avuncular version of TechCrunch's brash founder, Michael Arrington. After a few softball questions several minutes into the interview, Malik tosses a subtle curveball. As the "Kickstarter movement" grows, Malik wants know, how does Kickstarter reconcile that growth as a company? I go to a lot of start-up events, and I've interviewed hundreds of venture-backed entrepreneurs, and so I had a feeling of what ...

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    4. SEC leadership change could further delay crowdfunding

      SEC leadership change could further delay crowdfunding
      News of a leadership change at the Securities and Exchange Commission has some experts concerned that entrepreneurs may have to wait even longer for highly anticipated yet already delayed crowdfunding rules. SEC chairman Mary L. Schapiro announced Monday that she will step down next month, and President Obama plans to elevate Elisse Walter, one of the agency’s Democratic commissioners, to fill the position. Walter can serve through December 2013, by which time the president must nominate a perma
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