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    1. Crowdfunding delays, SEC silence spark hostility on Capitol Hill

      Crowdfunding delays, SEC silence spark hostility on Capitol Hill

      Already months behind schedule, federal regulators charged with establishing the rules to implement new online crowdfunding portals still cannot say when they will issue those guidelines. On Monday, the resulting frustration from entrepreneurs, investors and those trying to build those online financing portals was on full display at a forum in Washington. During the event, David Blass, a chief counsel at the Securities and Exchange Commission, said his team is working diligently to craft regulat

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    2. The Regulations That Ate Crowdfunding

      The Regulations That Ate Crowdfunding

      The JOBS Act was signed into law a year ago, but we still don't have equity crowdfunding for start-ups. What happened? Friday, April 5 marks the one-year anniversary of the signing of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act into law. Unfortunately, key provisions of the act have yet to go into effect, thanks mostly to the political quagmire resulting from turnover within the leadership of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The departure of Mary Shapiro as Chairman of the SEC on November 15 was followed by the appointment of Elise Walter to replace her on December 11. Now Mary Jo White waits to take over for Walter. Combine this with significant SEC staffing changes and the fact that SEC Commissioner Paredes is about to run up against his term limit, and you have one heck of a bottleneck. It’s been surprising to me that the ...

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    3. 3 Unconventional Crowdfunding Niches

      3 Unconventional Crowdfunding Niches

      Kickstarter and Indiegogo have helped spawn a new generation of niche crowdfunding sites for everything from scientists to community organizers. Platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo win hands down as the crowdfunding platforms that get the most attention and mind share of entrepreneurs and creative types. But they're not the only options out there--a slew of new, niche crowdfunding sites let the masses invest in everything from high-level academic research to neighborhood garden projects. Research Sites like Microryza, Petridish, and Iamscientist now offer crowdfunding platforms exclusively for scientific research. Academics post their proposed research with a budget goal, and ask the public to fund projects that most appeal to them, side stepping the often lengthy process of applying for grant money through academic channels. Critics of the scientific research crowdfunding model argue that the denominations earned from crowdfunding on sites like Microryza and Petridish add up to only small change--and ...

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    4. New Crowdfunding Site Aims to Understand Manufacturing

      New Crowdfunding Site Aims to Understand Manufacturing

      For backers of crowd-funded physical products, the mantra has always been 'buyer-beware.' Here's how a new crowdfunding site, Crowd Supply, seeks to fix that problem. About two months ago, I wrote about about Seth Quest, an ordinary guy--a designer--who came up with an idea for a funky iPad stand called the Hanfree. Without the funding to make his product a reality, he posted his idea on Kickstarter. There, with just a few mock-up pictures of what the product would theoretically look like, Quest raised $35,000 to manufacture the Hanfree. After that, things pretty much went downhill. Quest told me that negotiations with his overseas manufacturers soured. Then, his co-founders held the design files hostage. Finally, when months passed without being able to ship a product, his backers sued him, forcing Quest into bankrupcy. "Your backers can give you massive support, but they can also tear you down if ...

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    5. 3 Reasons Start-ups Should Consider Crowdfunding

      3 Reasons Start-ups Should Consider Crowdfunding

      Do you have a great idea but intimidated by the difficulties of getting started? Here are three ways crowdfunding can help you. If you have ever birthed a new idea, you undoubtedly are familiar with the immense headache involved with getting it to market. The patent process can cost tens of thousands of dollars, take years to finish, and more than likely will result in something altogether different than when you started (if it results in anything at all). Prototypes, packaging, and samples must be developed and often at the expense of a second mortgage. If you make it that far, you then need to negotiate valuable real estate (shelf space) with retailers, and with a new and unproven product, you start with zero leverage. Yes, getting a product to market is not easy. Our company, Wild Creations, is a product development company in the toy, game, and gift industry ...

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    6. Is Kickstarter Slowing Down?

      Is Kickstarter Slowing Down?

      You've seen the headlines about uber successful crowdfunding campaigns. But what's the big picture look like? Interest in crowdfunding has never been higher, but Kickstarter has shown signs of slowing down, according to an analysis by market research firm NextMarket Insights. Michael Wolf, chief analyst of NextMarket, crunched the numbers from Kickstarter's own public data between July 2012 and February 2013 and found that the overall monthly growth rate of Kickstarter projects was "flat to down." Although the total number of launched projects increased by 43 percent, he found that the overall trend in the second half of 2012 showed a slight downward trajectory. The growth rate slightly rebounded in the first two months of 2013, but the percentage increase is still significantly lower than mid-2012 levels. “Because Kickstarter and crowdfunding experienced a huge rush of new projects in 2012, there may have been a slight dissipation ...

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    7. 5 Tips for Women Investing in Entrepreneurs via Crowdfunding

      5 Tips for Women Investing in Entrepreneurs via Crowdfunding

      You, too, can help fuel the American Dream by investing in entrepreneurs whose companies may become the next Spanx or SlideShare. Investment in start-up and growing businesses isn’t just for financial institutions any more. Many people, not just friends and family, want to help entrepreneurs solve problems, innovate, and create jobs. At the moment, only friends, family, and the wealthy can invest in entrepreneurial undertakings but that’s about to change. New rules in the works as part of Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act will allow others – like you — to become angel investors . So what guidelines should you follow when taking your first dip in the angel pool?

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    8. How Scout Alarm crowdfunded $160K

      How Scout Alarm crowdfunded $160K

      Hassle-free home security sounds good, right? Perhaps $160,000 good, if you’re Scout Alarm … with none of that money going through crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. In fact, Scout Alarm crowdsourced that cash all on its own. The Scout Alarm is a $120 “next generation” alarm system that is designed for renters as well as home owners. It’s clean, simple, doesn’t require wires or a landline, and it comes with you to your new home when you move. In other words, a Scout representative told me, it’s the perfect system for urban dwellers who may not be living in the same home for decades on end.

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    9. Crowdfunders urge SEC to hand down rules for public comment

      Crowdfunders urge SEC to hand down rules for public comment

      Some of the nascent crowdfunding industry’s most influential players descended on the nation’s capital on Tuesday, urging the White House, Securities and Exchange Commission and others to move forward with regulations establishing the parameters for the new fundraising process. Members of the Crowdfunding Professionals Association, a New York-based nonprofit trade organization, met with lawmakers and other government officials to demonstrate fundraising technology and to brief lawmakers about th

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    10. Crowdfunders Press the SEC: What Is Taking So Long? | Entrepreneur.com

      Crowdfunders Press the SEC: What Is Taking So Long? | Entrepreneur.com

      The crowdfunding community is going to Washington, D.C., tomorrow to bang on some doors. Its goal is to generate political impetus to persuade the Securities and Exchange Commission to write and finalize the rules necessary to implement the JOBS Act. Tuesday, a range of crowdfunding backers, from investors to entrepreneurs who have launched crowdfunding sites to small-business advocates and venture-capital leaders, will descend on Washington and move around caravan-style to meet with representat

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