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    1. An Insider's Guide to LinkedIn Marketing

      An Insider's Guide to LinkedIn Marketing

      On this episode, Entrepreneur Network partner Mark Fidelman interviews Brynne Tillman of Peoplelinx to talk tips, tricks and trade secrets of LinkedIn marketing. How are you creating new connections? Are you reaching out to engage each new person, and if so, how? Tillman advises against battering your conections with pitches, but it's important to make an impression. So, is there a piece of content you can send them that you think they might like?

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    2. Why You Shouldn't Be an Entrepreneur

      Being an entrepreneur sounds great -- except when it isn't. I speak from experience. While sharing top marketing tips on OkDork, I founded AppSumo and Sumo, which is now an 8-figure business. (Before that, I saw what it's like to build a business as ...

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    3. Who Is the Perfect First Customer?

      Who Is the Perfect First Customer?

      Many entrepreneurs, especially those who are new to the industry or have never started a company before, struggle when it comes to dealing with their first customers. It’s not that they can’t find anyone interested in buying their products or paying for their services -- which would be an entirely different problem -- but rather when to approach potential buyers and what to offer them.

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    4. 5 Important Business Goals To Hit In Your First 2 Years Of Freelancing

      5 Important Business Goals To Hit In Your First 2 Years Of Freelancing

      Freelancing can change your life, not just your career. Earn more money, be your own boss, set the perfect schedule, work wherever you want. Anyone can achieve their dreams as a freelancer if they set their mind to it. Avoid toiling away at it by setting and keeping business goals for your first couple years. Here are five important ones to remember: 1.

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    5. It Always Takes More Time and Money Than You Think to Start a Business

      It Always Takes More Time and Money Than You Think to Start a Business

      One thing we know to be true, regardless of the entrepreneur's efforts, is that starting a business always takes more time and more money than he or she thinks. ... To write the book, we interviewed more than 100 members of the small business community.

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