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    1. What I Wish I Knew About My First Pay Check

      What I Wish I Knew About My First Pay Check

      Unlike in countries such as Australia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, there are no federal laws in the United States that say young people must be taught financial literacy in school (though that is slowly changing on the state level). What that means is that many first-time professionals don’t understand how maxing out their 401(k) contributions now can lead to massive financial gains when they retire.

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    2. 5 Ways Solo Founders Can Survive the Lonely Nights

      5 Ways Solo Founders Can Survive the Lonely Nights

      The hustle and bustle of the world around me seemed louder than normal and the ever present ache in my heart was unbearable. I rushed to my car, closed the door, and took a deep breath. Then, just like clockwork, the tears fell. One year ago, I made the big decision to venture on my own and open a gym. I had been in the fitness industry for over eight years and like many entrepreneurs, I knew this was my calling.

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    3. Startup Not Scaling? Maybe It's Your Technology

      Startup Not Scaling? Maybe It's Your Technology

      Let’s say—benefit of the doubt and all—that the tools and systems you put in place when you launched your startup were the best choices you could have made at the time. That day, though, was probably a while ago. For many founders, that means years or even a decade or two ago. Startups don't stay startups forever. New organizations become not-so-new ones. But just because time passes doesn't mean these ventures scale.

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