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    1. Five things I wish I knew before I became an entrepreneur

      Five things I wish I knew before I became an entrepreneur

      If you embark on a small business venture without a partner, then having a strong support system is crucial. I suggest working with a mentor from the start, joining a support group either online, or in your local community. Their advice, and having ...

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    2. How to Stay Positive and Focused After Being Told 'No'

      How to Stay Positive and Focused After Being Told 'No'

      A venture capitalist's job is to say "no" about 99 percent of the time. VCs even say no to ideas that we may find valuable or founders we think have a real chance of making it. At my accelerator, Techstars, we deny more than 98 percent of the startups who apply to our programs--but that shouldn't discourage them for reapplying the following year (or to a different program). If you're a startup founder, you should expect to hear "no" more frequently than you hear yes.

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    3. 5 Entrepreneurs Share How They're Hedging for an Economic Downturn

      5 Entrepreneurs Share How They're Hedging for an Economic Downturn

      Hedging your bets is part of playing smart in business. The next economic downturn isn't a question of if, but when. That’s why top entrepreneurs continuously reinforce their war chest while strategizing for the next seismic economic shift. Five savvy members of The Oracles share how they recession-proof their businesses so they can stay at their best even if the market is at its worst.

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    4. The Smallest of the Small

      The Smallest of the Small

      Have you ever noticed the fact that once you begin to think about something, you see it everywhere? Anyone who has ever begun the search for a new automobile can attest, from the moment you Google it, you begin to pass that model in traffic everywhere. Of course, they were there the whole time, we simply didn't have them at top of mind. The same is true for anything and especially so with entrepreneurs. You may never notice the "little guy" who is just starting out.

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    5. 7 Regrets Of a Failed Entrepreneur

      7 Regrets Of a Failed Entrepreneur

      Eighty percent of new businesses fail, and often for reasons that were completely avoidable. Others fail because of a lack of organization, preparation or a good understanding of what takes to run a successful business. Unfortunately, I have experienced plenty of that failure myself. When that happens afterward, there is always that feeling of regret for things that, in hindsight, you would do differently if you had the opportunity.

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