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    1. Need a Co-founder? Try FounderDating

      Need a Co-founder? Try FounderDating
      This exclusive, invite-only network promises to find you the perfect counterpart. One of the toughest challenges for entrepreneurs is finding the right co-founder. If you're a geeky engineering type you might be looking for someone with impressive business acumen. Or if coming up with killer ideas is more your thing, you might need to partner with someone who has the tech know-how to actually bring them to fruition. FounderDating, which isn't really about dating at all, seeks to foster relationships between these kinds of people. It's an online network made up of an even balance of engineers and non-technical members with one thing in common: They're serious about launching a start-up. Like LinkedIn, but Only for Entrepreneurs FounderDating co-founder and CEO Jessica Alter says it's similar to LinkedIn, but designed for entrepreneurs. You can search for people by interest area, skill set, location, as well ...
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    2. Who's Your Customer? More Consumer Firms Try B2B Options

      Who's Your Customer? More Consumer Firms Try B2B Options
      A growing number of companies are developing business-/consumer-oriented hybrid models, reports the New York Times. Trying to decide between serving other businesses and catering to consumers? A growing number of tech companies are aiming to do both. Aiming to tap new sources of revenue and make it harder for other companies to steal their customers, a greater number of Web companies are combining consumer sites with business tools, reports The New York Times. "We're moving from a day and age where you're just a Web site to one where we're automating the connections between businesses and consumers," Bill Gurley, a venture capitalist and board member of B2B-B2C hybrid Zillow, told the paper. Gurley calls such mashups "B2B2C"; Zillow, for instance, lets people check out the market value of properties but also provides tools for real estate professionals to advertise and manage rental listings). The Times highlighted ...
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    3. Business tips: How to hunt for talented job candidates using social media sites

      Business tips: How to hunt for talented job candidates using social media sites
      Every other week, On Small Business reaches out to a panel of young entrepreneurs for answers to some of the most pressing social media questions facing small business owners. The following responses are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only nonprofit organization comprised of young entrepreneurs. Read full article >>
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    4. 5 Signs Your Small Business Should Be on LinkedIn

      5 Signs Your Small Business Should Be on LinkedIn
      From Stephanie Buck: Smart small business owners know that to stay in the game, they need to have a social media presence. But where to start? Most, if not all, businesses should strongly consider LinkedIn. Here are five scenarios, to help you see why LinkedIn is the platform worth pursuing, and how you can benefit from being part of it. 1. You Employ 1-50 People. LinkedIn distinguishes companies by many factors, not the least of which is size. As a company presence on LinkedIn, your small business will likely fall into one of two categories: 1-10 employees or 11-50 employees. The former category hosts the largest number of small businesses, with 854,000 accounts. Don’t get discouraged by the “competition,” though. Users will be able to discover your company using LinkedIn’s advanced search tool, which enables users to narrow results by keyword, location, industry and company size, among ...
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    5. 6 Million LinkedIn Passwords Compromised

      6 Million LinkedIn Passwords Compromised
      From Courtney Rubin: LinkedIn confirmed Wednesday its security was breached, with experts estimating that more than 6 million passwords from LinkedIn’s 160 million users were affected. That’s based on files posted on a Russian hacker forum asking for help cracking the password encryption. Also hit: the dating site eHarmony, which suffered a loss of some 1.5 million passwords. (The same user, "dwdm,"appears to have uploaded both the eHarmony and LinkedIn passwords in several batches, beginning Sunday.) Degree of Damage More than 60 percent of the LinkedIn passwords hackers accessed already have been cracked, according to security firm Sophos. It's very likely the remaining passwords have also been figured out, security researcher Chester Wisniewski wrote in a blog post. LinkedIn has sent e-mails to everyone whose passwords were compromised, but you may want to change yours regardless. To change your password, log in to your LinkedIn ...
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    6. Memo to Mitt: Fix Your LinkedIn Page!

      We asked 16 social media experts and LinkedIn gurus to size up the Romney campaign's organizational and candidate LinkedIn profiles. Here's their analysis. Like millions of other Americans, Mitt Romney is looking for a job. Career consultants say if you're job-hunting, you need to be on LinkedIn. So, I figured I'd do Romney a favor, and I pulled together a panel of 16 public relations, marketing and social media professionals across the United States. Then we all got together to critique Romney's LinkedIn profile. (Of course, I also asked them about President Obama's LinkedIn strategy. I'll have their thoughts on that subject in my next column.) We found two Romney profiles that seem legitimate (although just to be sure, check out the caveat at the end of this post). The first is the organizational profile of the Mitt Romney for President campaign. The ...
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    7. How do you use LinkedIn for business?

      How do you use LinkedIn for business?

      How do you use LinkedIn for business?Washington Post (blog)By Olga Khazan On Small Business has a new feature in which young entrepreneurs will answer common questions about small business owners' social media needs. The following answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only ...

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    8. LinkedIn Rolls Out New Features For Marketers

      LinkedIn Rolls Out New Features For Marketers
      I already told you – if you haven’t created a LinkedIn presence for your business, it’s time to stop ignoring it. LinkedIn isn’t the old resume site you think it is; it’s transformed into a full blown business networking site with powerful marketing potential. And with the addition of two new features just announced last week, business owners can now find even more ways to take advantage of the site. The first of the new features is LinkedInRead More From Small Business TrendsLinkedIn Rolls Out New Features For Marketers
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    9. 7 LinkedIn Tips for Small Businesses

      7 LinkedIn Tips for Small Businesses

      LinkedIn is often overlooked as a network for marketing purposes. But with over 135 million members, the majority of whom are professionals, in 200 countries or territories, LinkedIn is far more than a resume-upload site. For businesses looking to connect with particular industries or specific business demographics, its powerful search facilities and networking opportunities make the most out of a limited marketing budget.

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    10. 11 Ways to Grow Sales With LinkedIn

      11 Ways to Grow Sales With LinkedIn
      Think you know all there is to know about LinkedIn? Even expert users can squeeze out more productivity and sales with LinkedIns ready-made tools. We have all experienced that attracting new customers can be expensive and time-consuming. According to the Customer Service Institute, 65% of a company's business comes from existing customers, and attracting a new customer costs five times more than it doest to keep an existing one satisfied. Still, all businesses need prospects. And properly qualifying prospects is one of the biggest challenges most sales people face. You need to know what problem you’re solving for your prospect and how to communicate to them that you can solve it. LinkedIn can help you pre-qualify your prospects, save time and frustration and even improve your closing ratio for current and new clients alike. LinkedIn sales training consultant Barbara Rozgonyi asks training attendees what they are doing now ...
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    11. Do You Need to Have Money to Make Money?

      From Courtney Rubin: Having access to money triples the likelihood that you will consider starting a business, says a new Gallup poll. The worldwide poll of some 10,000 adults in 98 countries found that adults who had access to funds are three times more likely to say they plan to start a business in the next 12 months (18 percent) compared to those who don't (six percent). Entrepreneurial intent varies widely by country. Though access to money universally improved the odds, it was less important in developed parts of the world. Residents of sub-Saharan Africa are the most likely to be planning a venture, though access to financing more than doubles the likelihood, from 16 percent to 39 percent. Just over a fifth (22 percent) of adults in Asia with funding access are planning to start a business, more than quadruple the five percent who don't have ...
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    12. LinkedIn Co-founder Reid Hoffman's Best Advice

      LinkedIn Co-founder Reid Hoffman's Best Advice
      Attending SXSWi? Join American Express OPEN and Skillshare for expert-led classes and exchanging ideas. Read more Be the first to comment on this article You may fall totally in love with one idea of yours, but you shouldn't go exclusive. That was PayPal veteran and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman's advice to the entrepreneurs (and partygoers) at Austin's South By Southwest. Hoffman – who was promoting his new book, The Start-Up of You, with Ben Casnocha – said when he started his first company
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    13. LinkedIn Launches Follow Company Button for Businesses [VIDEO]

      LinkedIn Launches Follow Company Button for Businesses [VIDEO]
      If you’re healthily obsessed with finding followers and fans for your small business, it’s time to add a new tactic to your approach: LinkedIn’s new Follow Company button. The button is essentially a small icon — similar to those offered by Facebook, Google+, and Twitter — that you may include on your company’s website to connect people directly to your Company Page on LinkedIn. Users can now follow your page with a single click on your own website, without having to go to LinkedIn.com first. Li
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