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    1. Could Your Business Survive Without You?

      Could Your Business Survive Without You?
      Seventy-five percent of small-business owners have no real succession plan — a potential recipe for disaster. This entrepreneur’s accidental fate tells a cautionary tale. “We had a perfect storm,” says John Nida, remembering the night of December 31, 2008. As general manager of Wölffer Estate, a boutique vineyard and riding stable business set on 175 picturesque acres in the elite Hamptons on Long Island, New York, Nida was already feeling the effects of that fall’s financial panic. Then, on New
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    2. Drag Along Rights Are Now Commonplace

      Drag Along Rights Are Now Commonplace
      As anyone who has been on either side of a venture capital deal knows, a fund raising agreement usually has so many provisions that someone inexperienced needs a glossary to read it. Often one of these provisions discusses “drag along rights.” As Investopedia explains, these rights allow “a majority shareholder to force a minority shareholder to join in the sale of a company.” The inclusion of drag along rights in VC agreements is becoming more common, according to data assembled by the law firm
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    3. Government action needs to target microbusinesses - Washington Post

      Everyone says they want to help small businesses. President Obama took a major step toward that goal last month by adding the Small Business Administration (SBA) chief to his cabinet, and he also proposed merging the SBA with other agencies. But the president needs to go further. What very small and small businesses need most is access to capital and business assistance. My organization, the California Association of Micro Enterprise Opportunity (CAMEO), works with small businesses in California
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    4. Grow Yourself: Attend One of These Small Biz Events

      Grow Yourself: Attend One of These Small Biz Events
      Every two weeks we put together a list of key events for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The following Small Business Events Guide contains worthwhile events for those wanting to grow their businesses: * * * * * Small Biz Success Summit 2012 Social Media Success Summit - SmallBiz February 1 – 23, 2012 – Online Presented by Social Media Examiner, this mega-event is designed to help you grow your small business using social media. There’s no travel! You simply attend this online event from the
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    5. Making the World Go Round: What You Must Know About Success and How Business ...

      Making the World Go Round: What You Must Know About Success and How Business ...
      Success always results from unpredictable “happy accidents.” The secret to success is becoming happy accident prone, and these 6 steps will teach you how to do just that. I asked a highly successful entrepreneur one time how he had managed to sell so many of his companies. “I’ve never sold a company in my life,” he said with a broad grin. “I just know how to bump into the right people.” Despite what business school professors would have you believe, business is not a cold blooded science. Succes
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    6. To seed or not to seed? 4 VCs share their strategies

      To seed or not to seed? 4 VCs share their strategies

      Every venture capital firm comes at startup seed investing in its own way (if it does seed at all). Last night in Cambridge, four VC firms opened up about their different seed approaches. The panel at the Cambridge Innovation Center drew a full room, about 100 people, with many startup entrepreneurs in attendance. The event was held by Morse, Barnes-Brown & Pendleton, and moderated by Hub Angels founder David Verrill.

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    7. Why L.A.'s Start-up Scene Beats All Others

      Why L.A.'s Start-up Scene Beats All Others
      A five-time entrepreneur makes the case for launching a company in Silicon Beach. He's not the only fan. By Frank Addante | @FrankAddante | Silicon Beach Los Angeles shutterstock images Tweet Los Angeles is the capital of small business in the United States, according to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Ramon Villaraigosa, at a reception earlier this month for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists. L.A., dubbed "Silicon Beach," has become a breeding ground for successful Internet and adverti
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    8. Austin tech entrepreneur Andrew Busey joins Austin Ventures - Austin American-Statesman

      Austin American-StatesmanAustin tech entrepreneur Andrew Busey joins Austin VenturesAustin American-StatesmanBy Lori Hawkins Austin tech entrepreneur Andrew Busey is joining Austin Ventures, where he will focus on early-stage investments. Busey, 40, will be a venture partner with the firm and will concentrate on software and Internet-related startups.
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    9. Michigan Wants More Immigrants

      Michigan Wants More Immigrants
      Republican Governor Rick Snyder wants to attract talented foreigners he sees as crucial to the economy By Chris Christoff * * * * * Business Exchange * E-mail * Print Related Items * Mass-Transit Tax Switch to Roads Affirmed by U.S. House Panel * Detroit May Avoid Takeover With Bing’s Tentative Union Deal * Bloomberg View: Textbook Apple?; GOP Immigration Hope * U.S. Midwest Jobs Return as Applesauce Lifts Obama * Senate Cyber Legislation Facing Industry Resistance Over Cost This Issue Previous
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    10. Post IPO, Facebook's Zuckerberg To Maintain Control Of Company

      (Reuters - By Alexei Oreskovic and Sarah McBride) - Facebook unveiled plans for the biggest ever Internet IPO that could raise as much as $10 billion, but made it clear CEO Mark Zuckerberg will exercise almost complete control over the company, leaving investors with little say. The Harvard dropout, who launched the social networking phenomenon from his dorm room, will control 56.9 percent of the voting shares in a company expected to be valued at up to $100 billion when it goes public. Facebook says it has 845 million active monthly users. Wednesday's long-awaited filing kicks off a process that will culminate in Silicon Valley's biggest coming-out party since the heyday of the dotcom boom and bust. Read More... More on Video
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    11. The Entrepreneur Center @NVTC Congratulates Entrepreneur Navigator Awards Winners - MarketWatch (press release)

      The Entrepreneur Center @NVTC Congratulates Entrepreneur Navigator Awards Winners - MarketWatch (press release)
      HERNDON, Va., Feb. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- John Backus, Wayne Jackson and CIT GAP Funds Honored for their contributions to the Greater Washington region's entrepreneur community The Entrepreneur Center @NVTC, a resource for technology-focused startups and entrepreneurs, today announced the winners of the 2012 Entrepreneur Navigator Awards held this morning at The Tower Club in Tysons Corner, Va. The Entrepreneur Navigator Awards honor individuals and organizations who have mentored an
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    12. How to Pitch Angel Investors

      How to Pitch Angel Investors
      From Darren Dahl: You've taken the plunge and started your own business of some kind. And maybe you can now see what it can really grow into. But you just don't have the money to make it happen and you've already blown through what you borrowed from your parents and friends. Where else can you turn? Well, you might consider angel investors—folks with capital, often successful entrepreneurs themselves, who look for ways to invest in growing companies. But where do you find these so-called angels? And what exactly are they looking for? In other words, what do you need to do to pitch an angel investor? Chris Arndt is a partner in Red Granite, a Chicago-based firm that advises high-net-worth individuals and families—a roster of clients that includes several angel investors. From his unique advisory position, Arndt says he knows what entrepreneurs should be thinking ...
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    13. Quality and Post-Sales Service Are Major Drivers for India SMB Cloud Customers - MarketWatch (press release)

      Quality and Post-Sales Service Are Major Drivers for India SMB Cloud CustomersMarketWatch (press release)The total number of India SMB channel partners has increased by nearly 10% in the past year, while the number of cloud channel partners has increased by approximately 35%. This translates to a significant shift in the number of India partners offering ...and more »
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    14. Obama Seeks 'On-Ramp' for More Startups to Go Public

      The White House called for making it easier for small companies to raise money by selling shares to the public as part of a package of proposals intended to aid small businesses. For some small companies going public, the change would delay some requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley that have to do with internal controls. “We define a new kind of company that we call an emerging growth company,” says Mary Miller, the Treasury Department’s assistant secretary for financial markets. “We are trying to loo
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    15. Chicago startups Buzz Referrals, AuraSense get VC funds from state - Chicago Tribune

      The state of Illinois is providing $575,000 in venture capital to two local startups, Buzz Referrals and AuraSense Therapeutics, as part of a new program launched in October to support entrepreneurial activity. The equity investment comes from the Invest Illinois Venture Fund, which is in turn part of a $78 million program called Advantage Illinois. Funding for Advantage Illinois, which seeks to help small businesses, came from an initiative within the federal Small Business Jobs Act that was si
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    16. How Manufacturing on Home Turf Pays Off

      How Manufacturing on Home Turf Pays Off
      Our special feature on forecasting sheds light on how to choose the right model, offers advice from Jack Stack and more. Get started Be the first to comment on this article Most small manufacturers just assume that it’s far more cost-efficient to produce their goods overseas, typically in Asia. But rising labor costs in countries like China are contributing to shrinking cost advantages for many companies, says a report released by The Boston Consulting Group. “A surprising amount of work that ru
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    17. When to Admit Your Business Has Failed (and You Just Won't Admit It)?

      When to Admit Your Business Has Failed (and You Just Won't Admit It)?
      Every small business struggles. Struggle is what you signed up for when you became an entrepreneur. (I'd say we're still struggling at Sageworks, and we've made the Inc. 500 twice.) Even the most successful business builders have all gone through moments when they wondered whether they should call it quits and try something different. And, let’s be honest: Sometimes the answer is yes: It just isn't worth it to keep pressing. How do you know it's time? Here are three ways...
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    18. RatePoint Customer Reviews Service Shutting Down

      RatePoint Customer Reviews Service Shutting Down
      One of our readers alerted us that RatePoint, the customer review software solution that many eCommerce and other businesses used on their websites, is shutting down. The RatePoint homepage is still operational as of this writing. But some customers report being unable to access their accounts, or report what they consider poor treatment. Michael McDermott of BashFoo wrote a few days ago: The leaders in online reputation management services, Ratepoint Inc. of Needham, MA reported this afternoon...
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    19. One-Percenters Want to Buy the Corner Bakery

      Smarting from poor returns in the markets, ultrawealthy individuals plan to increase their investments in small businesses By Karen E. Klein * * * * * Business Exchange * E-mail * Print Related Items * Foreign Investors Buy Net 11.7 Billion Rupees of Indian Equities * Roche’s Illumina Bid May Spur Buying in DNA Test Land Grab * Axa, Ace Said in Advanced Talks to Buy HSBC Insurance Business * Amazon's Hit Man * Korean Shipyards to Buy 12% Less Steel as Slump Hits Posco It’s not unusual for Americ
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