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    1. Why Solving a PR Crisis Is Easier When You're Not Alone

      Why Solving a PR Crisis Is Easier When You're Not Alone

      Bad stuff happens. United Airlines, Wells Fargo, and Samsung- all companies with a significant interface with the public- know this all too well. And when damaging policies or management decisions gone awry have the potential to hurt sales and the brand, companies can go into crisis mode. The external communications that come out of this crisis is the piece we, as the public and customers, see. Knowing what to tell the public and when is critical. Start with, "We're sorry."

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    2. Top Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Artwork Online

      Top Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Artwork Online

      Setting out to open your own ecommerce business where you sell your artwork online can be a wonderful career choice. You have the luxury of owning your own company, being your own boss, setting your hours, and setting the goals of the business. Of course, it would be great to just get it right from the start, but unfortunately, people tend to make mistakes when setting up their businesses.

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    3. The Problem With Whole Foods Is the Doritos It Won't Sell

      Apparently, I'm not alone. According to reports like this one in the Wall Street Journal, Whole Foods has been struggling of late. In the wake of increasing competition from big box stores like Costco, Safeway and Walmart (who, by the way, all sell Doritos), sales have not been meeting expectations and growth has slowed. Things have gotten to the point where the company has been forced to replace five directors on its board, naming a new chairwoman and hiring a new chief financial officer in a bid to cut costs and improve operations. They also plan a new customer loyalty program.

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    4. An Insider's Guide to LinkedIn Marketing

      An Insider's Guide to LinkedIn Marketing

      On this episode, Entrepreneur Network partner Mark Fidelman interviews Brynne Tillman of Peoplelinx to talk tips, tricks and trade secrets of LinkedIn marketing. How are you creating new connections? Are you reaching out to engage each new person, and if so, how? Tillman advises against battering your conections with pitches, but it's important to make an impression. So, is there a piece of content you can send them that you think they might like?

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    5. Who Is the Perfect First Customer?

      Who Is the Perfect First Customer?

      Many entrepreneurs, especially those who are new to the industry or have never started a company before, struggle when it comes to dealing with their first customers. It’s not that they can’t find anyone interested in buying their products or paying for their services -- which would be an entirely different problem -- but rather when to approach potential buyers and what to offer them.

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    6. How to Drive Business With Social: Tips from A Social Selling Expert

      How to Drive Business With Social: Tips from A Social Selling Expert

      In our latest Hootcast podcast, we chat with social selling expert Koka Sexton about how to find and engage potential customers on social media. Press play to hear the show in its entirety, or if you don’t have a set of earbuds handy, read the transcription of our conversation below. My story is a little different than most in my position. I started off in sales many, many years ago—I don’t want to date myself.

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    7. Why the Status Quo Is the Enemy of Smart Businesspeople

      Why the Status Quo Is the Enemy of Smart Businesspeople

      Imagine getting to a place where there was nothing left to do. Your company is running like a well-oiled machine, systems effectively control how the company works and you have hired, trained, and put together a powerful management team with its own systems as well. So now what do you do? Sitting around patting yourself on the back can be a recipe for disaster.

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