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    1. These 5 UX designer habits are the secret skills every entrepreneur needs

      These 5 UX designer habits are the secret skills every entrepreneur needs

      Business advice can come from all types of sources. But one unconventional way to grow as an entrepreneur : think like a UX designer. As an entrepreneur , speaker, mentor, professor, Amazon best-selling author of Reframe, UX expert with more than 18 ...

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    2. How Ishan Goel is Leading the Way for Gen Z Entrepreneurs

      How Ishan Goel is Leading the Way for Gen Z Entrepreneurs

      By now, most companies have a solid plan marketing plan in place to reach Millennials. However, even some of the most forward-thinking companies have yet to develop a plan to communicate with Generation Z. When you consider that by 2020, a whopping 40% of the market will be Gen Z, it makes sense to develop a plan to reach this generation now.

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    3. New Managers Should Focus on Helping Their Teams, Not Pleasing Their Bosses

      Most newly appointed managers quickly realize that the skills and qualities that earned them the promotion are very different from those that will serve them well as a leader. But in an effort to prove their mettle, they focus their attention upward, to their own higher ups, when they should be spending more time focusing on their new team. This “asymmetry of attention” can get new managers in a lot of trouble.

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    4. This Is What Life Would Be Like In A Family of Social Media Influencers

      WHO: Long-running satirical CBC show, This Is That. WHY WE CARE: Earlier this year, Fast Company highlighted a funny and poignant short film about a father who tears his family apart with his quest to become a social media celebrity. (The film had extra gravitas because it was made by comedian-turned-Vine-star Will Sasso.) Now, a video from Canada’s beloved CBC Radio shows what would happen if the entire family were in on the quest as well.

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