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    1. This Experiment Will Test If Giving Cash To Victims Is The Best Disast

      This Experiment Will Test If Giving Cash To Victims Is The Best Disast

      After Hurricane Harvey tore through Houston and much of southeast Texas last August, the outpouring of relief was fast and multifaceted. Aid groups delivered lots of emergency supplies from clothes to food and water, and even hotel vouchers for those displaced. In the months that have followed, however, people who already had some of those basics covered might have found the continuous flow of stuff less helpful.

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    2. How I found the courage to crush impostor syndrome

      How I found the courage to crush impostor syndrome

      At 25, I found the confidence to end my impostor syndrome I remember a day, 72 hours into my first internship, when I learned the company hadn’t actually planned on hiring me. There were five spots—five spots for five interns—and those had all been quickly filled. But something from my interview, though I may never know exactly what, was weighing on an editor. She saw promise in a stranger and summoned this sixth halfway across the country for a chance.

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    3. Managers: What You Should Do When An Employee Reports Harassment

      Managers: What You Should Do When An Employee Reports Harassment

      The list of high-profile executives and celebrities who’ve been accused of sexual harassment grows longer by the week. But the wave some are calling the Weinstein effect–in which those who’ve been victims of harassment on the job are coming forward to say #metoo– isn’t taking into account that there are many, many more who remain silent or anonymous because they fear retaliation–even if the law is technically on their side.

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    4. The Smallest of the Small

      The Smallest of the Small

      Have you ever noticed the fact that once you begin to think about something, you see it everywhere? Anyone who has ever begun the search for a new automobile can attest, from the moment you Google it, you begin to pass that model in traffic everywhere. Of course, they were there the whole time, we simply didn't have them at top of mind. The same is true for anything and especially so with entrepreneurs. You may never notice the "little guy" who is just starting out.

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    5. How To Impress Recruiters When You’re Unemployed

      How To Impress Recruiters When You’re Unemployed

      Chances are you already know a little bit about bias. People are constantly judged for what they wear, how they speak, how much is in their bank accounts–and opportunities can be lost simply because someone sees you in an inaccurate way. Bias creeps into our careers, too–and unfortunately, we can be stereotyped by a recruiter based on our resumes alone. If you’re unemployed, quite frankly, you could have a significant amount of bias working against you.

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