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    1. The Worst Elevator Pitch Ever

      Each day, Inc.'s reporters scour the Web for the most important and interesting news to entrepreneurs. Here's what we found today: How not to approach an angel. Elevator pitches can be painful, but self-proclaimed "social media strat" expert Alex Blagg takes pain to a whole new level. Check out the hilarious, if awkward, exchange between Blagg and an unsuspecting super angel (read: actor), in this video posted on TechCrunch, if only for the line: "Give me your seed, super angel man." The Verizon iPhone saga continues Can you hear me now? According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple might soon be ending an exclusive deal with AT&T that will enable Verizon to begin selling the beloved iPhone. The article intimates that the success of the Android has played a key role in this development. "The touchscreen handset is facing pressure in the U.S. from phones running ...
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    2. New Facebook Groups Could Be Big for Business

      New Facebook Groups Could Be Big for Business
      New Facebook Groups Could Be Big for BusinessThis content from: Duct Tape Marketing New Facebook Groups Could Be Big for BusinessThis content from: Duct Tape Marketing Facebook rolled out a few unpredicted changes this week with an eye of getting users to communicate with friends in new ways. Probably the most important announcement was the Facebook groups function. (Not to be confused with the ability to create public [...]
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    3. 4 Technologies to Help You Out-Innovate Larger Companies

      4 Technologies to Help You Out-Innovate Larger Companies
      From PRASAD THAMMINENI, Small Business Trends: A business can’t grow unless it can meet its customers’ needs. Large companies can hire consultants to run focus groups and take surveys, but how can a small business solicit customer feedback to spark innovation? I believe that smaller companies can use their size as an advantage – forging closer, personal relationships with customers. And leveraging these relationships, and the conversations they spark, to out-innovate the big guys.   Here are four technologies my team and I use to let our customers do the hard work of coming up with innovative ideas! Taking advantage of the ease of email communication. Every time someone signs up for our service one of our team members sends them an email. These welcome emails have sparked a number of interesting dialogs where customers have told us about their problems and how they hope our service will help them. Understanding ...
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    4. Media Platform Thinking

      Media Platform Thinking
      From Chris Brogan, New Marketing Labs: Part of the beauty of social media is that you can build a free (or inexpensive) media platform to accompany your business. Small places like AJ Bombers in Milwaukee and Jaguar Data in in Fort Myers can build the communications platform they want to represent their business. But to simply sign up for various accounts and use them willy nilly will get you pretty bad results. Here are some ways to build a useful media platform.   Start with a Home Base   Where do you want all this attention to go in the end? Here's a hint: you're only renting your space on Facebook or LinkedIn. If you don't build a site of your own, then you're missing an opportunity to build a sustainable business media platform. Remember, Facebook owns all the marketing data for your site and they don't ...
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    5. Sometimes a Marketing Problem is Really a Product Problem

      Sometimes a Marketing Problem is Really a Product Problem
      From John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing: Many times when organizations find themselves struggling with getting or increasing sales they turn to marketing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made a career out of loving all things marketing, but sometimes that’s not the problem.   The problem might be that nobody actually wants your junk. While that may sound a bit harsh, it’s a fact that a lot businesses attempt to sell things that they think people should want.   No amount of brilliant marketing is going to help people understand that they need to buy from you. This fact has been greatly amplified with the onset of social media.   Marketers often made fun of the “build a better mousetrap and people will beat a path to your door” thinking – siding instead with the best marketing wins. We’ve all seen what seemed like great products and companies fail.   The ...
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    6. Think Social Media Is A Waste Of Time? Consider These Five Practical Benefits

      Think Social Media Is A Waste Of Time? Consider These Five Practical Benefits
      Tweeting may not be your thing, but before you dismiss social media as a whole, consider looking at it through a business lens. By Lauren McCadney, Senior Segment Manager, Small Business, CDW Lately, I have heard comments about individual social media platforms that seem downright extreme. From, “Not having a Facebook page is the fastest way to lose your job,” to, “Anyone without a Twitter account cannot be taken seriously.” Do people really believe this? Statements like these amaze me. Most business owners I know do not appreciate being labeled as unintelligent, or being told what they should or should not do. Further, the directive to “get with the program” by signing up for Facebook or Twitter, without compelling business-related reasons to do so, is not necessarily the best course of action. So, with respect for small business owners everywhere, I hereby assert that social media is a choice, not ...
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    7. Get the Guinness Stamp of Approval

      Each day, Inc.'s reporters scour the Web for the most important and interesting news to entrepreneurs. Here's what we found today: Looking for world-class buzz? How about attempting a zany stunt to set a Guinness World Record? The Wall Street Journal writes that in the corporate hustle to stand out from its crowd, event marketing is becoming more prevalent as a promotions tool. Currently, helping events get noticed costs advertisers $8.9 billion a year on event marketing. What's inexpensive? Getting the Guinness stamp of approval. It's just $4,739 for advising from Guinness and having a judge verify the feat. Starwood Hotels recently hosted the "largest-ever resistance-band strength-training class," and Estee Lauder had the "most landmarks illuminated for a cause" (38 buildings were lit pink for breast-cancer awareness). Guinness says company requests for record-breaking have increased 250 percent over the past three years. The Social ...
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    8. 3 Ways to Scale Your Personal Brand

      3 Ways to Scale Your Personal Brand
      Personal branding for entrepreneurs in many cases is a massive paradox. One one hand, in the authentic, transparent business world we are living in right now, it is 100 percent imperative to have a personal brand–a human presence led by you. We all know that the cliche statements are true: People form relationships with people. On the other hand, having a strong personal brand can also be a challenge of scalability. Can I scale myself? Am I too accessible? WhatRead More From Small Business Trends3 Ways to Scale Your Personal Brand
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    9. Would You Buy Underwear By Subscription?

      Ken Johnson and Andrew Draper are on a mission to save the world's men from worn-out underpants. "When guys buy these basics, they hang on to them forever, and it's usually our mothers, wives, and girlfriends who replenish them," Johnson says. In January, Johnson and Draper launched Manpacks, a Providence-based company that sells men's underwear, socks, and undershirts on a subscription basis. Men sign up to get a delivery of new undergarments every three months. Each pack costs about $14 to $70, depending on the number of items and the brands customers order. So far, 500 people have subscribed. Johnson and Draper hope to make Manpacks the go-to service for men who don't want to have to think about shopping for the basics. To that end, Manpacks has promoted its services mostly through social networking sites and online ads. The company has also received mentions in ...
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    10. Start-Ups 2010: Finding an Audience Online

      Start-Ups 2010: Finding an Audience Online
      The Passion Greg Stallkamp was always a fitness freak. An avid triathlete, he trained at least five times a week and was always sharing advice on workout routines with friends. The Plan Three years ago, as Facebook and MySpace were becoming household names, Stallkamp, 32, saw the need for a fitness-based social network -- a forum in which users could share training tips as well as marathon times. Stallkamp pitched the idea to two similarly fitness-obsessed friends. They felt that, with a small initial investment of about $15,000, they could build the website in their spare time and that once launched, it would be sustained by its audience. The Strategy In addition to the social networking features that let amateur athletes connect and share information, Holos Fitness would also feature blogs by professional trainers offering tips on yoga as well as weightlifting. Revenue would come from targeted ads based on ...
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    11. Invest In Your Business and Stop Putting Out Fires: 4 Resources From Intuit

      I know your busy running your business (like I am). You're concerned about hiring employees, finding free lance help, getting new customers, still confused about how to leverage your online presence and pay those bills that never stop coming. However, sometimes you just have to get a cup of tea, breathe deeply and do some reading and thinking about your business. You have to run your business, but if you do not take the time to THINK about the growth of your business and take the time to leverage resources (free and fee based) that are available to you, you're leaving opportunities and often times actual money, on the table. Well here's your chance and one of them includes winning $100,000 or helping another business win with a four resources from Intuit:
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    12. How to Raise Money on Crowdfunding Sites

      How to Raise Money on Crowdfunding Sites
      From Elaine Pofedlt: Is lack of cash the only thing preventing you from releasing a CD of your music, turning your hand-knit scarves into a business, or opening an artists' cafe? If so, then it's worth checking out the new generation of "crowdsourced" funding sites.   These gathering places enable entrepreneurs in artisanal and creative businesses to collect small donations from friends, family and acquaintances to bring a project to fruition. Typically, fund seekers will post information about a creative project on one of the sites, then reach out to their networks on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites to ask for donations ranging from around $10 to $100, and sometimes more. Some sites, like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, are open to a range of creative projects. Others, like the music-focused SellaBand, specialize in a particular niche.   Why would anyone hand over money this way while we're in choppy economic ...
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    13. Rock Star Advice from a Video-Game Hero

      Each day, Inc.'s reporters scour the Web for the most important and interesting news to entrepreneurs. Here's what we found today: Rock star advice for first-time CEOs. You might remember that back in 2008 we introduced you to Alex Rigopulos and his company Harmonix Music Systems, makers of the uber-popular Guitar Hero and Rock Band video game franchises. Today, tech blog Xconomy catches up with Rigopulos to discuss what's next for Harmonix, the upcoming release of Rock Band 3, as well as to get his advice for first-time CEOs who are in the midst of starting their own businesses. While Rigopulos stresses the familiar themes of surrounding yourself with good people and remaining optimistic, he does have one piece of advice that is somewhat counterintuitive: "It's vitally important that entrepreneurs run towards the bad news, do everything they can to aggressively confront the holes in their ...
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    14. 7 Tips for Effective Networking

      7 Tips for Effective Networking
      From Ramon Ray, Smallbiztechnology.com: In the New York area, fall is the time where people stop thinking about vacation, get back to the grind, and you all the sudden find yourself not only attending, but hosting several events.   For example, as I type this I'm at BizTechDay in New York, in another few months I'll be attending NY XPO, and that's followed by New York Entrepreneur Week. In addition, OPEN just finished the New York Times Small Business event, the U.S. Chamber has a big event, and next will be the Small Business Summit coming up next year.   What about your city? I'm sure there are dozens of events happening every day. If you think about all the meet-ups, that's only scratching the surface.   What's common about all of these events is networking. Although some of you network very well, there are ...
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    15. Small Business News: Are You LinkedIn?

      Small Business News: Are You LinkedIn?
      By now you’ve probably heard of LinkedIn, the business oriented networking social media site whic appeals primarily to business two business networking encounters and has even begun being used for job recruitment and other business functions. Groups and status updates make LinkedIn even more unique and usable for small businesses enabling you to customize the site for your purposes. But is it time fr Facebook to move over. Well, maybe not yet. LinkedIn is distinctly different than both Facebookand TwitterRead More From Small Business TrendsSmall Business News: Are You LinkedIn?
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    16. 5 Ways To Put Your LinkedIn Profile To Work For Your Business

      5 Ways To Put Your LinkedIn Profile To Work For Your Business
      LinkedIn is a VERY powerful way for business professionals to make connections and grow their business. But if your profile is not working for you, it's a wasted asset. Jerry Allocca is the founder of CORE Interactive (www.CORE.bz), an award-winning team of Internet specialists. He's given us 5 easy to do and concrete tips in how to make your LinkedIn profile work (and work hard) for your business. Jerry is a frequent industry speaker and author of the much anticipated book “Connected Culture: The art of communicating with the digital generation.” Jerry teaches a popular hands-on workshop in a computer lab where he shows professionals how to If you are like many business professionals, you have a LinkedIn account (your professional online profile), but you don’t really know how to use it beyond the basics like accepting invitations or doing research on someone and his ...
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    17. How SMBs Can Start Using Facebook Places Now

      How SMBs Can Start Using Facebook Places Now
      From Jolie O'Dell, Mashable: If you're a business owner and you've heard the recent news about Facebook's attention-grabbing new feature for location-sharing and checkins, you're probably itching to find out what Facebook Places can do for your business and how it can help you reach out to would-be customers and loyal regulars in your community.   While Facebook isn’t ready to announce any special brand-platform relationships or tie-ins just yet, one Facebook ad exec told us that the company does have plans to integrate Places with its larger marketing offerings for SMBs. The best thing a business owner can do to prepare for those offerings is get familiar with the ins and outs of Facebook and location marketing now.   Here are a few pointers for how SMBs can use Facebook Places and other marketing tools starting today.   1. Start a Facebook Page   In our conversation ...
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    18. 7 Easy, Low Cost Ways to Generate Leads and Keep Customers

      7 Easy, Low Cost Ways to Generate Leads and Keep Customers
      From Ivana Taylor, Small Business Trends: The latest Vistage International Confidence Index results for Q2 2010 were just released on July, 2010.  The good news is that small business CEOs are WAY more confident today than they were at the same time last year.   Realistically, you can say that the 2500 responding CEOs were cautiously optimistic about the future.    According to the survey, small and medium sized businesses have accepted the new state of the economy and have positioned themselves to do more with less so that they can be profitable throughout the next year.   The survey also showed that CEOs hoped that their profitability would come from getting and keeping customers through innovative products and services.    Now that you’ve read that, you’re probably thinking that this sounds great, but where should you begin?   Since small business CEOs are most concerned with innovation,  lead generation, and funding their ...
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    19. A Must-Read List for First-Timers

      Each day, Inc.'s reporters scour the Web for the most important and interesting news to entrepreneurs. Here's what we found today: A list every first-time entrepreneur needs to read. We've already given you a head start by highlighting the best industries for starting a business today. Now, at VentureBeat, VC and former entrepreneur Don Rainey provides would-be entrepreneurs with a fantastic list of the eight things he wished he knew before starting a business. In short, successful projects show positive signs from Day 1; bad employees never quit; and when something isn't working, cut your losses quickly. Does the U.S. education system foster entrepreneurship? Our education system may not be perfect, but a recent Gallup poll shows that Americans credit their schooling for instilling an appreciation of entrepreneurship far more than our European counterparts. 51 percent of Americans polled said their education made them interested ...
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