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    1. When Social Media & Email Marketing Blend: Faceless Customers Come Alive

      The power of email marketing is that you can reach customers directly in their email boxes. Email is still a very powerful form of communication. On the other hand I was speaking to an executive at a network TV studio and she was telling me how she was simply drowning in email. An anchor for Fox, at BizTechDay NY, said how every Sunday evening he deletes all the email in his inbox and starts new each week. It's hard to get your email message to break from the noise, but it is possible. We all have social media profiles and I'm seeing a huge increase in people direct Tweeting me, emailing me via Facebook or via LinkedIn. Either way, the flood of in-bound communication is something we just can't stop. What's nice, however, is that thanks to the growth of social media we can now know ...
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    2. 4 Things Small Businesses Should Know About Facebook's New Groups

      4 Things Small Businesses Should Know About Facebook's New Groups
      From Samuel Axon, Mashable: When Facebook overhauled its Groups this month, users responded with a healthy dose of skepticism and a little bit of confusion. Would these new Groups be powerful new social tools, or just another social media distraction to keep track of? Business owners can wonder the same.   First off, you need to know that unlike Pages, Facebook's new Groups are not made strictly for brand promotion. But that doesn't mean you can't get some value out of them, either by using them to reach out to would-be clients or customers or to facilitate communication and community inside your company.   Here's what you need to know about how Groups can be used by your business.   1. Groups Are Made By Users, Not Your Business Way back in the day, businesses would set up Facebook Groups that their customers or clients could join for updates ...
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    3. Selling Online? Want To Boost Holiday Sales? Start Tweaking Your Site Now

      Selling Online? Want To Boost Holiday Sales? Start Tweaking Your Site Now
      The Holiday Shopping season is almost here. Right after Thanksgiving it's when many American's start to "give back" to Visa and take on tons of debt...did I just say that? Well it's also the time when retailers (the big ones and the smaller ones - that's YOU) can drive up sales and make up for a year that might not have been so great. If you're going to boost sales, one part of this sales boost is to tweak your web site so the items you're selling can be FOUND online. Of course improving your web site's look and feel, ensuring your customer service team is ready are also important. Hotfrog an online directory of businesses gives a few neat tips for helping to boost sales during the holidays. Add Christmas and seasonally relevant product and service information to your online properties, including ...
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    4. Creating Amazingly Explosive Blog Growth

      Creating Amazingly Explosive Blog Growth
      From Steve Strauss, The Strauss Group, Inc.: What’s that you say, your blog is nice and all, but you want to kick up its popularity a notch (or two, or ten)? Pull up a chair and I’ll tell you how. As I have been writing online for USA TODAY since the Internet Stone Age, circa 1997, this topic is something I have studied for years.   First lesson: Content is NOT king.   So yes, what I am not going to tell you are things you already know and have heard a dozen times before, like:   Write what you know Follow your passion Use keywords Please.   The truth is that if you want explosive growth for your blog, there is more to it than that – a lot more. Simply put, there are two parts to creating a successful blog: the front end and the back end. The front end has ...
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    5. How social media fits into your plan

      How social media fits into your plan
      Do you have a strategic plan or a marketing plan? If you do, that's the place to start with social media. It doesn't matter whether you are planning for a small business, a tourism group, or an economic development organization. You start in the same place. 1. Get out your plan and look over all the goals. Which ones lend themselves to social media? Can you see goals where social media would help? 2. Now, write the action steps that put social media to work on those goals. For example, if your goal is to become an authority on your niche, your daily action might be to find and tweet five relevant links, or to answer two related questions on LinkedIn. 3. Next, put those action steps on a index card, like a checklist. 4. Finally, set a scheduled time for your social media activity. Maybe the first ...
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    6. How To Keep Your Star Employees

      Each day, Inc.'s reporters scour the Web for the most important and interesting news to entrepreneurs. Here's what we found today: Why money's not the best motivator. Today's Fortune offers tips for retaining your star performers, even when the budget for bonuses is tight. According to a Corporate Executive Board survey of 20,000 "high-potential employees," when people feel "connected to corporate strategy," they're more motivated than when they receive a bonus. This means on top of giving qualified staffers a chance to steer the company in the right direction, companies should also look to employee-referral programs. According to one University of Michigan professor, "When people behave as if they're committed, they become more committed." For more on what employees really want, check out our story here. Florida eateries suing each other over water "Brooklynization." Back in July, we told you about Larry King ...
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    7. Boost Your Holiday Sales Through Better E-Business

      Boost Your Holiday Sales Through Better E-Business
      From Jim Blasingame: Delivered by FedEx.   The holiday season is important for many sectors, but none more than retail. And for small business retailers, a successful holiday campaign is especially vital.   Other than the advent of new products and the new ways customers pay for them, there hasn’t been much disruption in the holiday retail business for the past few generations. Oh, there was that catalog thing that caught on a little more than a hundred years ago, thanks to entrepreneurs like Sears and Roebuck. Mail order disrupted Main Street retailers until they realized they didn’t have to choose “either/or,” between the postal and the traditional, but rather could succeed with “both/and.”   But then along came the mother of all disrupters: the Internet. Specifically, the main shifter of the Main Street retail paradigm is e-commerce. According to the credit card industry, online sales are growing by ...
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    8. 3 BIG Reasons to Have a Strong Presence on LinkedIn

      With over 65 million members, LinkedIn has become an essential tool for small businesses. More and more people are joining and using the site to connect with others in their field and in related fields, creating connections that they can use in may different ways. If you have not yet joined LinkedIn, you’ll want to do so as soon as possible. Here are three reasons for you to have a strong presence on that the social media site. LinkedIn I
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    9. Review Sites Lead to Brand Insights

      Review Sites Lead to Brand Insights
      From Susan Kuchinskas: Two years ago, Michael Grant hadn't heard of Yelp. Today, it's his best source for new customers.   "I have Yellow Pages ads and Google ads, but Yelp is my best advertisement," says Grant, co-owner of Albion Plumbing in Oakland, Calif.   Consumer reviews, on sites including InsiderPages, Fav Rav, Angie's List and TripAdvisor, have become an important source of leads for small business owners of all kinds. It makes perfect sense. Word of mouth has always been recognized as the best kind of advertising, and the hardest to get. So-called social media tools -- like Facebook, blogs and these review sites -- have made it a lot easier for customer to spread the word about your business.   A recent survey by Internet marketing company R2integrated found that almost 90 percent of respondents (who were all marketers) were at least somewhat influenced by online reviews, with critiques written ...
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    10. Google Media Solutions Series: Part 1, Back-to-Basics with Google AdWords and Search Marketing

      Over the next four weeks, the Google Agency Blog will be debunking common myths, passing on easy implementation tips, and sharing general how-to of Google advertising. We'll be cross-posting to this blog, since most of the tips are relevant to small businesses. You'll be able to find all the tips in one place under the label 'Google Media Solutions Series'.So, let's get started with Google’s search marketing product, Google AdWords. Using Google AdWords, you can target Google.com and the Google Search Network. This is a great solution to connect with potential customers who are searching for your clients’ products and services. It is flexible, measurable, and accountable. With AdWords, you can easily manage the spend of the account and control costs by setting a daily budget and maximum cost-per-click (CPC). Another benefit is that it’s easy to make changes to your clients’ ad ...
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    11. How to Spot a Lying CEO

      Each day, Inc.'s reporters scour the Web for the most important and interesting news to entrepreneurs. Here's what we found today: Fibbing in the corner office. After a decade blighted by massive accounting frauds and scores of angry investors, researchers have finally detected ways to spot a lying CEO. A professor and student from Stanford's Graduate School of Business studied thousands of corporate earnings calls for common indicators of deception, and today NPR reports the findings. It found top signs to include using words like "we" and "our team" and emphasizing the positive as a form of overcompensation. The Stanford researchers have also put the data into a computerized speech detector that can issue red flags when signs of deception occur. While the researchers have received a lot of requests to use the technology, not everyone has responded so optimistically. At least one commenter said basically: "Thanks ...
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    12. 5 Tips for Creating Winning Small Business Videos

      5 Tips for Creating Winning Small Business Videos
      Video content is in – it has been proven that websites yield better responses when a video is featured. It’s no surprise; the average Web surfer has a short attention span, and prefers a shiny moving picture to wading through pages of text. Videos grab attention, engage viewers and, if executed properly, can succinctly communicate your entire value proposition in as little as two minutes. The power of video continues to impress me. Some of my company’s videos have beenRead More From Small Business Trends5 Tips for Creating Winning Small Business Videos
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    13. The DIYMarketers Quick Start Guide to Marketing With Video

      The DIYMarketers Quick Start Guide to Marketing With Video
      From Ivana Taylor, Small Business Trends: Are you using video to market your business?  If not, you’re going to be lost in a sea of search results and all the time, effort and money that you’ve put into your online marketing won’t be getting the return you were hoping for.   Why video?   All the traffic is going to video. By 2013, 90 percent of all web traffic will be video.  To say that videos are an untapped marketing opportunity for small business would be a gross understatement.  As you’re reading this article, take a moment to go over to Google and search on a keyword for your industry.  If you don’t see videos at the top, then you have the opportunity to own that space. Google gives videos valuable real estate. Since Google purchased YouTube, they’ve given video’s some coveted top space in ...
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    14. Journey to the Center of the Marketing Universe

      Journey to the Center of the Marketing Universe
      Journey to the Center of the Marketing UniverseThis content from: Duct Tape Marketing Journey to the Center of the Marketing UniverseThis content from: Duct Tape Marketing There was a time, just a few short years ago really, when small businesses finally concluded they must use the web to supplement their marketing efforts and create another potential channel for marketing messages. Today’s business must evolve that thinking radically again [...]
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    15. 7 Ways to Keep the Sales Rolling in Your Small Business

      7 Ways to Keep the Sales Rolling in Your Small Business
      Don’t get so busy with the day-to-day hustle in your business that you forget to focus your marketing activities on keeping your pipeline filled.  To help you reach your monthly sales goals, I have created a list of 7 marketing techniques you should revisit in the fourth quarter of each year. They are designed to ensure that you focus on revenue-generating activities in your small business. 1. Profile Your Best Customers. Who are your most valuable andRead More From Small Business Trends7 Ways to Keep the Sales Rolling in Your Small Business
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    16. Building Your Company to Last (Part 1)

      Last week in Vegas was incredible. The events were phenomenal and the density of information, networking and inspiration was off the charts! The panel discussion I moderated at Conquer & Grow, which included Pamela Slim (author of Escape from Cubicle Nation), Clate Mask (who runs Infusionsoft), and Donavan Roberson (Cultural Evangelist at Zappos), was really interesting and [...]
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    17. 3 Ways Small Businesses are Investing in Social Good

      3 Ways Small Businesses are Investing in Social Good
      From Alexander Hotz, Mashable: Lately, a lot has been written about how businesses are using social media to promote social good. Most of the attention has focused on the campaigns of large companies like Pepsi or Pedigree. While the success of those campaigns warrants exposure, small local businesses have also begun using social media to create positive change in their communities.   Below are some examples of how small businesses are investing in social good to partner with non-profits, raise funds and finance micro-loans.   If your company is raising awareness for non-profits through social media, let us know about your work in the comments below.   1. Catherine Zadeh: Partnering with Non-Profits   In 2008, high-end jewelry designer Catherine Zadeh learned that a childhood friend had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. To raise money and awareness, Zadeh fashioned a bracelet, which to her surprise raised over $60,000 for the family of her ...
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    18. How Business Owners Get Results through Social Media

      How Business Owners Get Results through Social Media
      From Sophia Lundberg, American Express OPEN: Earlier this year, I spoke at the American Express OPEN Women’s Business Summit, where I met many amazing business owners and learned more about the challenges and opportunities facing them.  I also learned that among the educational discussions offered, those on social media generated a lot of excitement.  So we’ve created an online resource – openforum.com/socialmedia – to provide articles, videos, and other educational content on social media.  With the constantly changing landscape of social media, it seems that even if you know a lot, there is always more you can learn.     We also recently hosted a social media roundtable discussion, moderated by Small Business Trends founder and OPEN Forum author Anita Campbell.  An Insight Guide from the discussion will soon be posted to OPEN Forum, but the following are some highlights:   Establish Expertise: Suzanne Cerra, partner in the law firm Nukk-Freeman ...
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