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    1. 5 Ways Restaurants Can Use Twitter Effectively

      5 Ways Restaurants Can Use Twitter Effectively
      From Ed Levine, Serious Eats: If you're a restaurant owner and have ventured onto Twitter, are you using it effectively? At Serious Eats, the food community site I founded, we follow a large number of restaurants, chefs and food-obsessed tweeters. We know what works — and what doesn't.    I asked the various members of the Serious Eats team what advice they'd give to restaurateurs wanting to use the medium. Here's what they said:   Tweet Your Daily Specials If you're like many restaurants, you have a number of daily specials that aren't on the regular menu. In the pre-Twitter world, the only way to advertise these dishes was on a sandwich board outside your restaurant or through your wait staff's tableside spiel. It seems obvious to point it out, but if you're not tweeting your daily specials, you're losing out on an easy ...
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    2. 4 Things Small Businesses Should Know About Facebook's New Groups

      4 Things Small Businesses Should Know About Facebook's New Groups
      From Samuel Axon, Mashable: When Facebook overhauled its Groups this month, users responded with a healthy dose of skepticism and a little bit of confusion. Would these new Groups be powerful new social tools, or just another social media distraction to keep track of? Business owners can wonder the same.   First off, you need to know that unlike Pages, Facebook's new Groups are not made strictly for brand promotion. But that doesn't mean you can't get some value out of them, either by using them to reach out to would-be clients or customers or to facilitate communication and community inside your company.   Here's what you need to know about how Groups can be used by your business.   1. Groups Are Made By Users, Not Your Business Way back in the day, businesses would set up Facebook Groups that their customers or clients could join for updates ...
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    3. 3 BIG Reasons to Have a Strong Presence on LinkedIn

      With over 65 million members, LinkedIn has become an essential tool for small businesses. More and more people are joining and using the site to connect with others in their field and in related fields, creating connections that they can use in may different ways. If you have not yet joined LinkedIn, you’ll want to do so as soon as possible. Here are three reasons for you to have a strong presence on that the social media site. LinkedIn I
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    4. How to Spot a Lying CEO

      Each day, Inc.'s reporters scour the Web for the most important and interesting news to entrepreneurs. Here's what we found today: Fibbing in the corner office. After a decade blighted by massive accounting frauds and scores of angry investors, researchers have finally detected ways to spot a lying CEO. A professor and student from Stanford's Graduate School of Business studied thousands of corporate earnings calls for common indicators of deception, and today NPR reports the findings. It found top signs to include using words like "we" and "our team" and emphasizing the positive as a form of overcompensation. The Stanford researchers have also put the data into a computerized speech detector that can issue red flags when signs of deception occur. While the researchers have received a lot of requests to use the technology, not everyone has responded so optimistically. At least one commenter said basically: "Thanks ...
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    5. New Facebook Groups Could Be Big for Business

      New Facebook Groups Could Be Big for Business
      New Facebook Groups Could Be Big for BusinessThis content from: Duct Tape Marketing New Facebook Groups Could Be Big for BusinessThis content from: Duct Tape Marketing Facebook rolled out a few unpredicted changes this week with an eye of getting users to communicate with friends in new ways. Probably the most important announcement was the Facebook groups function. (Not to be confused with the ability to create public [...]
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    6. Media Platform Thinking

      Media Platform Thinking
      From Chris Brogan, New Marketing Labs: Part of the beauty of social media is that you can build a free (or inexpensive) media platform to accompany your business. Small places like AJ Bombers in Milwaukee and Jaguar Data in in Fort Myers can build the communications platform they want to represent their business. But to simply sign up for various accounts and use them willy nilly will get you pretty bad results. Here are some ways to build a useful media platform.   Start with a Home Base   Where do you want all this attention to go in the end? Here's a hint: you're only renting your space on Facebook or LinkedIn. If you don't build a site of your own, then you're missing an opportunity to build a sustainable business media platform. Remember, Facebook owns all the marketing data for your site and they don't ...
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    7. Don't Pay To Get Your Brand More Followers: Invest In Content

      All Things Digital is reporting about Twitters new advertising solutions for brands and advertisers. It's newest solution will help you get more Twitter followers by "suggesting" that people follow you based on preferences its algorithm things you'll like. All Things writes Twitter is still working to get its first two ad products up and running. But it’s going to launch a third, anyway: Tomorrow the company will show off “Promoted Accounts” at an ad industry conference in New York. The idea is a simple one, people familiar with the company’s plans tell me: Twitter will try to help corporations and brands increase their Twitter following by inserting them alongside other Twitter users it suggests in its “Who to Follow” feature. Instead of worrying about follower count and paying for advertising placement, why not invest the time and money to build great content around the products you ...
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    8. Small Business News: Are You LinkedIn?

      Small Business News: Are You LinkedIn?
      By now you’ve probably heard of LinkedIn, the business oriented networking social media site whic appeals primarily to business two business networking encounters and has even begun being used for job recruitment and other business functions. Groups and status updates make LinkedIn even more unique and usable for small businesses enabling you to customize the site for your purposes. But is it time fr Facebook to move over. Well, maybe not yet. LinkedIn is distinctly different than both Facebookand TwitterRead More From Small Business TrendsSmall Business News: Are You LinkedIn?
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    9. 5 Ways To Put Your LinkedIn Profile To Work For Your Business

      5 Ways To Put Your LinkedIn Profile To Work For Your Business
      LinkedIn is a VERY powerful way for business professionals to make connections and grow their business. But if your profile is not working for you, it's a wasted asset. Jerry Allocca is the founder of CORE Interactive (www.CORE.bz), an award-winning team of Internet specialists. He's given us 5 easy to do and concrete tips in how to make your LinkedIn profile work (and work hard) for your business. Jerry is a frequent industry speaker and author of the much anticipated book “Connected Culture: The art of communicating with the digital generation.” Jerry teaches a popular hands-on workshop in a computer lab where he shows professionals how to If you are like many business professionals, you have a LinkedIn account (your professional online profile), but you don’t really know how to use it beyond the basics like accepting invitations or doing research on someone and his ...
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    10. How SMBs Can Start Using Facebook Places Now

      How SMBs Can Start Using Facebook Places Now
      From Jolie O'Dell, Mashable: If you're a business owner and you've heard the recent news about Facebook's attention-grabbing new feature for location-sharing and checkins, you're probably itching to find out what Facebook Places can do for your business and how it can help you reach out to would-be customers and loyal regulars in your community.   While Facebook isn’t ready to announce any special brand-platform relationships or tie-ins just yet, one Facebook ad exec told us that the company does have plans to integrate Places with its larger marketing offerings for SMBs. The best thing a business owner can do to prepare for those offerings is get familiar with the ins and outs of Facebook and location marketing now.   Here are a few pointers for how SMBs can use Facebook Places and other marketing tools starting today.   1. Start a Facebook Page   In our conversation ...
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    11. Search Marketing, Twitter-Style!

      Search Marketing, Twitter-Style!
      From Danny Sullivan: By now, plenty of businesses get the concept of search marketing: ensuring that customers can find you when they do searches on major search engines like Google or Bing. But you can do search marketing on Twitter, too. You just have to think differently about your approach.   “Regular” Search Marketing   At the major search engines, people are constantly asking for answers. For example, someone searching at Google is basically saying "Hey Google, do you know the answer to..." whatever they're interested in. Google responds by providing a list of possible answers, a list of search results.   How do you get to be one of the answers that Google or Bing provides? If you have a great website, perhaps helped by a little search engine optimization, you might be included in the top results for free. Alternatively, or in addition to free listings, you might also try ...
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    12. A Must-Read List for First-Timers

      Each day, Inc.'s reporters scour the Web for the most important and interesting news to entrepreneurs. Here's what we found today: A list every first-time entrepreneur needs to read. We've already given you a head start by highlighting the best industries for starting a business today. Now, at VentureBeat, VC and former entrepreneur Don Rainey provides would-be entrepreneurs with a fantastic list of the eight things he wished he knew before starting a business. In short, successful projects show positive signs from Day 1; bad employees never quit; and when something isn't working, cut your losses quickly. Does the U.S. education system foster entrepreneurship? Our education system may not be perfect, but a recent Gallup poll shows that Americans credit their schooling for instilling an appreciation of entrepreneurship far more than our European counterparts. 51 percent of Americans polled said their education made them interested ...
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    13. The Internet Never Forgets

      The Web of regret. Memory in the age of omnipresent Internet is the subject of The New York Times Magazine's cover story this week, which highlights some fascinating (or disturbing, depending on which side of the equation you fall into) statistics. One: 75 percent of recruiters and HR professionals research candidates online - from blogs to Twitter to last night's photos on Facebook. And 70 percent say they've rejected candidates due to findings. The story cites a British gal fired from her office job for posting on Facebook: "I'm so totally bored!"? And remember the 25-year-old teacher denied a degree (and, ostensibly, a job) due to an MySpace photo of her posing as a "drunken pirate?" A federal district judge rejected the teacher's claim that the university had violated her First Amendment rights. The Times's take-away? "It's often said that we live in a ...
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