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    1. How Do I Get More Leads in the Top of the Funnel 2

      How Do I Get More Leads in the Top of the Funnel 2This content from: Duct Tape Marketing How Do I Get More Leads in the Top of the Funnel 2This content from: Duct Tape Marketing This post is one in a series of five guest posts authored by the super star bloggers pictured below. As part of a celebration of National Small Business Week we are asking readers to match all five [...]
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    2. How to Deliver an Experience

      How to Deliver an Experience
      How to Deliver an ExperienceThis content from: Duct Tape Marketing How to Deliver an ExperienceThis content from: Duct Tape Marketing For a lot of businesses, taking the order is where marketing ends. For smart marketers, it’s the starting point for the next order and the referral. If you stop your marketing thinking at the transaction, you’ll find it harder and harder to build real marketing [...]
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    3. A Community for Ideas

      When CEO Bart Steiner and his team started their idea for an innovation community, the country was clearly in need of such a thing. Bulbstorm was started in 2008 under the premise that most people around world have great ideas and passion, but don't posess all the skills they need to see their ideas through to completion. By creating an environment in which people could share their ideas safely, skills would grow, and companies could see the value of an idea by seeing how much activity grew around it. I sat down with Steiner and Interactive Director Matt Simpson at South By Southwest (SXSW) last month to learn how Bulbstorm could be useful for startups or even pre-startup ideas. The company itself is an example of the need to change your idea when market conditions aren't optimal. The Bulbstorm innovation community idea is that potential entrepreneurs or thinkers ...
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    4. Making Location Awareness Simple

      Last year's South By Southwest festival was a tipping point for location-based check-in services. I wrote about companies like Foursquare and Gowalla and the idea of "check-ins" in the article "Mobile Location, Location, Location at SXSW." This concept, then popular, has grown exponentially. Those companies have also been joined by the current leader in that space, Facebook Places. This year it was amazing to be at SXSW with a large early adopter crowd and be able to track friends and be aware of events via a mobile device in real time. But what about other, non "check-in" ideas? Imagine a world where the apps on your mobile device knew not just where you were, but knew the context around your location—the weather, the time of day, the neighborhood, and more—and delivered customized information based on those factors. This year an even more potentially game-changing idea is the ...
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    5. A Female Spin on Starting a Business

      Normally I don't focus on male- or female-specific entrepreneurial challenges, but having received two books by women entrepreneurs in the last few weeks, I thought it was a good time to review this topic. Entrepreneur Susan T. Spencer grew her first business in the late 1960's when her self-designed tennis dress caught on in popularity. A divorcee with kids to support, she took on a partner who drove her business into the ground – by selling too much! 'Cash flow and partnerships are key lessons I learned early. Don't ever go into a 50-50 partnership if you don't have a great lawyer and a clear understanding of where the business is going. In fact, you should probably never have 50-50 ownership. Come up with a list of responsibilities each is willing to take. If 99% are on one person's side, and the rest are on the ...
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    6. SMB’s and Social Media STILL Playing Hard to Get

      SMB’s and Social Media STILL Playing Hard to Get
      0 With all the attention that the SMB space is getting from the sudden realization that people shop locally (really?!?!), it’s important to see if all of this is just media hype or are the actual small and medium businesses of the world actually catching on. If the findings reported by eMarketer are any indication then the answer is a resounding “Kinda”. The chart below speaks to the results from a study done by Ad-ology. The standard MP researc
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    7. Are You Tending to Your Stupid List?

      Are You Tending to Your Stupid List?
      From Scott Belsky, Behance: We focus so much time on the big and obvious things that we sometimes forget the small but critical things. For example: Is the email link on your blog still working? Is your LinkedIn profile still listing you at your old job? Does your Twitter account display your new URL? This is a plea to spend a moment on the little things that slip. I call it the "Stupid List" -- a list of the common errors that we never notice when managing our everyday lives. In the digital era, one broken link could mean a lost opportunity. In the spirit of tying up loose ends, I have compiled a starter "Stupid List," and I encourage you to add to it in the comments. 1. Your old URLs no longer redirect. Did your personal website or blog once have a domain name that got changed? If so ...
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    8. 6 Ways to Rebrand Using Social Media

      6 Ways to Rebrand Using Social Media
      From Katie Morell: Back in 2008, Apryl D. Roberts was ready for a change.   After eight years specializing in wedding event planning at Norfolk, Va.-based Memorable Events by Apryl, she decided to rebrand her company to include business meetings and public relations offerings.   She first engaged social media.   “I created a fan page on Facebook, then signed up for Twitter and started a blog,” she said. “Then I started posting photos from events I’d done outside the weddings industry. I was considering three new logos for my business, so I had a contest on Twitter and Facebook asking the public to vote on which logo they liked best and, in return, offered discounts on services.   “Everyone had an opportunity to win something, which encouraged people to keep coming back to my social media sites.”   The contest ended, Roberts choose a winner, and two years later, she is still ...
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    9. Should Your Startup Apply for the sFund?

      Should Your Startup Apply for the sFund?
      From Ben Parr, Mashable: Esteemed venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins launched a new fund called sFund last month.   That's not specifically remarkable; VC firms launch new funds all the time. What makes the sFund remarkable are its other key investors: Facebook, Amazon and Zynga. Not only are these major tech companies investors, but they're also offering startups funded by the sFund advice, perks and "relationship capital" to give them an advantage over their competition.   What is the sFund all about? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the fund? And finally, is it something your startup should consider applying for?   Let's take a quick look.   sFund Q&A   Q: What exactly is the sFund?   A: The sFund is a $250 million venture capital fund designed to fund startups and companies focusing on social media-related initiatives. Its manager is Kleiner Perkins partner Bing Gordon, current board member of ...
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    10. Business Lessons from the Elections

      Each day, Inc.'s reporters scour the Web for the most important and interesting news to entrepreneurs. Here's what we found today: What the midterms can teach you. While the pundits debate what last night's election results mean for the two parties, today's Business Insider has a post explaining what the election should mean for entrepreneurs. The election and the campaigns leading up to them were full of teachable moments that apply not just to politics, but to the business world as well. Business Insider has a list of five lessons entrepreneurs can learn from the midterm elections. For example, as demonstrated by Meg Whitman's and Linda McMahon's costly but losing campaigns, money doesn't guarantee success. As the writer Mark Hall points out, "The money is only as strong as your message. If your value proposition doesn't align with your customers, or voters ...
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    11. Who Should You Follow on Twitter?

      Who Should You Follow on Twitter?
      There’s a lot of talk about how to find Twitter followers. Though, you may have noticed, the conversation is typically about how to get people to follow you to help increase your reach, build awareness and make new contacts. But what if you’re a small business owner just now entering the world of Twitter? Who should you be following right out of the gate to help you get involved quickly and make the most out of your time on Twitter?Read More From Small Business TrendsWho Should You Follow on Twitter?
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