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    1. Business Matters: Rock City Club Joins Long List of Services For Indie Musicians

      The Las Vegas-based service was founded by entrepreneur and promoter Jack Wishna through his company, Rockrena, Inc. Artists and fans can go to www.rockcityclub.com now to sign up through their Facebook or Twitter accounts. The company says the online ...
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    2. From the team of 15 Malaysia: UndiLah Launching at 16th Sept 2011

      JhlyvlstcM8 Or watch the trailer at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhlyvlstcM8 From the Team that brought you '15Malaysia' and 'HereInMyHome', brings you 'UndiLah', a Pete Teo PSA music video promoting the Rakyat's right to vote. Again, we have done an independent, bi-partisan and ZERO-budget production involving over 180 people including common folks, politicians from all parties, athletes ...
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    3. 20 New Keys To Social Media Etiquette

      20 New Keys To Social Media Etiquette
      From Barry Moltz: Forget the advice from Emily Post. She never dreamed of having to interact with people through real time social media. Enter Patricia Rossi, NBC’s national manners coach and Twitter’s No. 1 etiquette professional. Her new book, Everyday Etiquette has helpful tips for this level of social interaction. Here are 20 of her keys to social media etiquette: 1. Always make an appointment to video chat someone Don’t call them without warning. Having you pop up on their computer screen is well, not polite. 2. Make sure your surroundings are presentable when video chatting Think about what you are wearing and the background. Make sure that there are no pets, cell phones or children distractions. Velvet Elvis posters probably need to be put away as well. 3. Resist the temptation to multitask If you are going to video chat face to face, just do that ...
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    4. What’s a Facebook Like Worth?

      What’s a Facebook Like Worth?
      Facebook and comScore recently published a white paper on “How Brands Reach and Influence Fans Through Social Media Marketing.” The document is full of some pretty interesting case studies on Starbucks, Southwest and Bing, with regards to how they use their Facebook Pages to generate interest, buzz and business. How to Measure a Like What’s interesting to me is that we’re finally getting away from measuring ROI for social media in the terms of “this interaction = thisRead More From Small Business TrendsWhat’s a Facebook Like Worth?
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    5. Series of classes to focus on use of social media in marketing

      Series of classes to focus on use of social media in marketingStatesman JournalA series presented by the Small Business Development Center in Salem will focus on how to use social media to improve marketing. Attendees will learn about potential for benefiting business, improving relationships with clients, and increasing revenue. ...
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    6. Google+: The Latest (and Perhaps Greatest) Platform for Thought Leaders

      Google+: The Latest (and Perhaps Greatest) Platform for Thought Leaders
      One of the best ways for a small business to get on the map is to have the CEO and/or other key members of the executive team establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. A perfect example of this is the fact that you are reading this story on Small Business Trends. The small business experts who contribute to this site are hoping that their insights will pique your interest and encourage you to find out moreRead More From Small Business TrendsGoogle+: The Latest (and Perhaps Greatest) Platform for Thought Leaders
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