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    1. The Golden Rule of Entrepreneurship

      Each day, Inc.'s reporters scour the Web for the most important and interesting news to entrepreneurs. Here's what we found today: More is almost never better. Whether you're building a product, giving a pitch to investors, or presenting at a conference, a minimalist approach is almost always the better approach, writes entrepreneur-turned-VC Mark Suster in his most recent blog post, which is full of practical advice. "For years I've been offering advice on how to better communicate and for years I've seen most people commit the same universal mistake: Including too many details," Suster writes. "Less is more effective. Less has more impact. Less actually takes more effort." The man who made networking social. Scott Heiferman founded Meetup, a Web company that helps strangers with similar interests well, meet up, back in 2002, inspired by the September 11th terrorist attacks. He tells The Wall Street ...
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    2. Business Lessons from the Elections

      Each day, Inc.'s reporters scour the Web for the most important and interesting news to entrepreneurs. Here's what we found today: What the midterms can teach you. While the pundits debate what last night's election results mean for the two parties, today's Business Insider has a post explaining what the election should mean for entrepreneurs. The election and the campaigns leading up to them were full of teachable moments that apply not just to politics, but to the business world as well. Business Insider has a list of five lessons entrepreneurs can learn from the midterm elections. For example, as demonstrated by Meg Whitman's and Linda McMahon's costly but losing campaigns, money doesn't guarantee success. As the writer Mark Hall points out, "The money is only as strong as your message. If your value proposition doesn't align with your customers, or voters ...
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    3. How to Spot a Lying CEO

      Each day, Inc.'s reporters scour the Web for the most important and interesting news to entrepreneurs. Here's what we found today: Fibbing in the corner office. After a decade blighted by massive accounting frauds and scores of angry investors, researchers have finally detected ways to spot a lying CEO. A professor and student from Stanford's Graduate School of Business studied thousands of corporate earnings calls for common indicators of deception, and today NPR reports the findings. It found top signs to include using words like "we" and "our team" and emphasizing the positive as a form of overcompensation. The Stanford researchers have also put the data into a computerized speech detector that can issue red flags when signs of deception occur. While the researchers have received a lot of requests to use the technology, not everyone has responded so optimistically. At least one commenter said basically: "Thanks ...
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    4. Eight Questions Before Starting Up

      Each day, Inc.'s reporters scour the Web for the most important and interesting news to entrepreneurs. Here's what we found today: Tough questions for new entrepreneurs. Taking the leap to start your own business means asking yourself some tough questions, and not all of them have to do with business plans and funding options. In a guest post on VentureBeat, Patrick Driessen, CEO of the Asian-Pacific tech incubator Seed Accelerator, lists some of the up-close and personal questions entrepreneurs need to ask themselves before attempting to start their own businesses. For example, do you have enough supportive friends and family? As Driessen explains, starting a business "can be depressing, which is why it's important to have a support system--to console you or kick your ass when necessary." 4.5 million and counting. Sales of Apple's iPad have officially reached epic proportions, according to Bernstein Research. CNBC ...
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    5. Segway Accident Kills Company Owner

      Each day, Inc.'s reporters scour the Web for the most important and interesting news to entrepreneurs. Here's what we found today: Owner of Segway company dies in Segway accident. Jimi Heselden, the 62-year-old millionaire who purchased the Segway company less than a year ago, died Sunday while apparently riding one of his own company's scooters off a cliff. Heselden crashed into the River Warfe while inspecting his Northern England estate, the BBC reports. Heselden was pronounced dead at the scene, and a rugged-country Segway model was recovered at the scene. The Segway was invented by Dean Kamen, as a two-wheeled scooter containing five gyroscopes and a set of computers monitoring the vehicle's center of gravity. Kamen dreamed of launching a transportation revolution, but the scooter failed to find a widespread market, and even made it onto Inc.com's list of the lamest products of the ...
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    6. The Old Spice Video Phenomenon

      Behind the scenes of the Old Spice viral videos. If you haven't seen Old Spice's incredibly successful (and hilarious) attempt to translate its TV campaign into an Internet phenomenon, expect a forward from your co-worker, cousin, or junior high prom date any minute now. Advertising firm Wieden + Kennedy took Isaiah Mustafa, the manly, shirtless baritone from the absurdist Old Spice TV ads and had him respond to queries on Twitter with personalized, funny 30-second spots. When you watch them, the first question that comes to mind is how exactly they're churning them out so fast--and what kind of Internet genius is writing the copy. Along with a bunch of regular Twitter users, Kevin Rose, Guy Kawasaki, Demi Moore, and Alyssa Milano already got their own video personalized spots in real time. Fast Company's Mark Borden spoke with Wieden's global interactive creative director Iaian Tait about ...
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    7. A New Gig for Larry King

      From CNN host to bagel pitchman. Fresh off his announcement that he will be retiring from his long-running CNN talk show, Larry King has already moved on to his new career. King has signed up with Brooklyn Water Bagel Co., a Delray Beach, Florida-based bagel eatery to serve as the company's pitchman and help to develop franchises in the Southern California region. Hawking bagels may seem below the famous talk-show host, but these aren't just ordinary bagels. According to the company, they have developed a "14-stage patented water technology that creates Brooklynized water, allowing franchises to produce a distinctive Brooklyn bagel anywhere in the world." In a press release, the Brooklyn-born King said of the bagels, "One bite and I was back in Brooklyn." Why entrepreneurs are ditching blogging. Sam Lessin, CEO of Brooklyn-based media start-up Drop.io, is just the latest in a growing line of entrepreneurs ...
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