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    1. 6 Habits That Took These Titans to the Top

      6 Habits That Took These Titans to the Top

      Habits help or hurt us. The qualities of your health, wealth, relationships and happiness are the products of your habits. Here’s how six entrepreneurs and members of The Oracles embraced and ingrained their success rituals. Write everything down! I’m known for my punctuality, which I attribute to writing everything down. Before smartphones, my entire life was inside my agenda book. I carried that little thing everywhere. God forbid I would ever lose it—there would go my life.

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    2. 5 Million-Dollar Business Ideas Just Waiting for Entrepreneur to Seize

      5 Million-Dollar Business Ideas Just Waiting for Entrepreneur to Seize

      In January of 2014 I tasted entrepreneurial success for the first time. I was 22. Looking back now, my idea was so off the wall, so brazen, that virtually everyone in my social circle dismissed it. Yet, within the first month alone I made over $22,000. I created an ecommerce store that sold gold grills and other grills for teeth. Several business ideas before that all fell flat, but I didn’t care. All I wanted to do was make a living as an entrepreneur.

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