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    1. If You're A Florida Business Owner You Need To Do These Five Things Like...Right Now!

      If You're A Florida Business Owner You Need To Do These Five Things Like...Right Now!

      this is not the 19th century. We have forecasters. We know that these storms are on their way and the first is expected to hit you by late Sunday/early Monday. Maybe it won't be as bad as they say. But you can't take that chance. You still have time to prepare.

      You still have time to do these five critical things...

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    2. The Problem With Whole Foods Is the Doritos It Won't Sell

      Apparently, I'm not alone. According to reports like this one in the Wall Street Journal, Whole Foods has been struggling of late. In the wake of increasing competition from big box stores like Costco, Safeway and Walmart (who, by the way, all sell Doritos), sales have not been meeting expectations and growth has slowed. Things have gotten to the point where the company has been forced to replace five directors on its board, naming a new chairwoman and hiring a new chief financial officer in a bid to cut costs and improve operations. They also plan a new customer loyalty program.

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    3. These 8 Business Apps Are Going to Crush It In 2017

      These 8 Business Apps Are Going to Crush It In 2017

      Of course, there are a ton of cool, slick, fun and potentially great applications for businesses. But this list is about a select few that are ready to explode this coming year. In a very good way. They've all been around for a while. They all have a strong customer base and growing communities. And they're all positioned for huge growth, particular among small- and medium-sized companies.

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