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    1. 3 Mistakes That Kill Employee Engagement

      3 Mistakes That Kill Employee Engagement

      Creating engaged and empowered teams should be the goal of every leader in business. When you have engaged empowered teams, they almost become self-sufficient, self-leading and that helps to create a culture of continuous improvement which will achieve amazing results. Building engaged empowered teams should be easy, but it's often sabotaged by the manager who makes these three simple mistakes.

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    2. 7 Regrets Of a Failed Entrepreneur

      7 Regrets Of a Failed Entrepreneur

      Eighty percent of new businesses fail, and often for reasons that were completely avoidable. Others fail because of a lack of organization, preparation or a good understanding of what takes to run a successful business. Unfortunately, I have experienced plenty of that failure myself. When that happens afterward, there is always that feeling of regret for things that, in hindsight, you would do differently if you had the opportunity.

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    3. 3 C's Every Team Needs To Drive Results

      3 C's Every Team Needs To Drive Results

      In the majority of successful companies, it's great teamwork that is the difference being good and being great. A great vision and a sense of purpose can help teams become engaged with the company, but to really take it to the next level you need your teams to be engaged with each other. You would be surprised by how many dysfunctional companies I see where the issues are siloed business units that not only don't work well together but often create problems that hamper each other's performance.

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