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    1. 5 Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Website Actually Works for You

      5 Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Website Actually Works for You

      Guidelines from major search engines like Google are actually pushing businesses to be better and that's a good thing! It may feel as if the rules of SEO are constantly in flux or open to interpretation, but the insistence on white hat SEO practices is making the internet a more pleasant place. Rather like a much-revered Google campus, the internet is becoming a creative space to feed on rich content and free food (well, maybe not the free food!) But the point is the same.

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    2. Creating Insatiable Content Starts with Passion

      Creating Insatiable Content Starts with Passion

      Not to date myself or anything, but I vividly remember being a marketer before Google Adwords, marketing automation, and advanced data. Interesting times, to say the least. What stands out in particular is a conversation I had with a sales rep about buying billboard space on a certain intersection in Glendale. I had questions. How many people saw this billboard everyday? Of that number, how many were my target demographic? And of that number, what percentage was ready to walk in here and buy?

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    3. Inspire New Ideas This 4th of July: Take a Break

      Inspire New Ideas This 4th of July: Take a Break

      In a time of hustle, fire emojis and people celebrating that they get four hours of sleep, you don't hear much about work/life balance anymore. And I get it. When it comes to success, you get out what you put in. You make your own luck. Insert the next clich. But activity doesn't directly relate to productivity. In fact, there are scientifically proven reasons why you should work smarter and not harder.

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