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    1. 10 Web Development Companies You Want To Work With

      Ed Zitron is the founder of EZ-PR, a PR and media- relations company based in New York City and Raleigh, North Carolina. He is also the author of This Is How You Pitch: How to Kick Ass in Your First Years of PR, an Amazon bestseller in the PR category. Despite seemingly everyone having a web product, it's borderline impossible to find someone reliable, who actually answers and who actually does the work to a quality that's above "I made a Tumblr.

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    2. 8 Tips to Running An Actually Successful Social Media Campaign

      8 Tips to Running An Actually Successful Social Media Campaign

      Social media for businesses has become a blight upon the world. Companies thirst for your attention with the most asinine, pointless promoted posts, offering webinars and "white papers" that you'll never read or care about. Their budgets and actual reach are lower, and oftentimes the attention they get is actually detrimental. The signal-to-noise ratio isn't friendly to the entrepreneur and the guides are, well, lacking.

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    3. 7 Locations You Might Not Have Thought Of For Your Next Event

      7 Locations You Might Not Have Thought Of For Your Next Event

      Within PR it's become much less common to throw together an event, with many clients barely spending the budget to pull together an open bar let alone renting a location. That being said, increasingly some clients are returning to the olden day thought of the slightly impossible-to-prove value of an event at a real location that will impress people. The reason?

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    4. Do the Wrong Thing: When Best Practices Are Anything But

      Do the Wrong Thing: When Best Practices Are Anything But

      BY Ed Zitron @edzitron "Best practices" are holding you back from superstar work. Here's how to break free.


      This morning, a client told me I was "different, but it worked. " She was referring to a briefing document I wrote for an interview. These documents tend to be formulaic and gigantic -- a few paragraphs about the reporter, a few anecdotes, and a few links to related articles.

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