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    1. The Massive Problem with Motivation

      The Massive Problem with Motivation

      Paul Jarvis is a best-selling author and designer. He's worked with Silicon Valley startups, pro-sports athletes, Fortune 500 companies and the world's biggest entrepreneurs. He writes weekly for his popular newsletter and runs an online course on becoming a better freelancer. Motivation is to action as reading about exercise is to being in shape. Certainly, both can happen, but simply being motivated accomplishes nothing while seeming like it's accomplishing something.

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    2. The Difference Between Success and Failure

      The Difference Between Success and Failure

      It's all a balancing act. Perched on a tightrope, with high winds, and possibly some large, angry ravens pecking and cawing. I make a living on the internet by being myself and sharing the things I've learned. But I'm also scared to be myself and share the things I've learned. Some days, I don't care about being judged. I'll write 5,000 words about life with 48 cusses and sweatily hit "publish.

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    3. How to Work a Successful Project Partnership

      How to Work a Successful Project Partnership

      Working for yourself doesn't necessarily mean you always got to work alone. You can collaborate on client work with other freelancers (like writers + web designers or even designers + developers). You can partner up to launch companies or agencies. But today's topic is another type of partnership. It's one that I don't see people writing about enough: project partnerships.

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    4. Do You Pay Attention to Your Work or Just Keep Busy Doing it?

      Do You Pay Attention to Your Work or Just Keep Busy Doing it?

      Ask yourself this: are you someone that you'd want to pay attention to? It's a hard question to answer. Not because we've all got self-doubt and fears of inadequacy, but because we sometimes sacrifice ourselves for our goals. While making a living online, it's easy to get lured into other people's vision of doing business. You see something work for them, or something they're sharing that netted them great results and you want to try it too. Why wouldn't it work for me? we think.

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    5. Pizza and the Complications of Running a Business

      Pizza and the Complications of Running a Business

      We like to complicate things. Product launches, service offerings, websites, pizza... Why do we do this? Sometimes I think it stems from an idea that something needs to be complicated to hold more value. As in, an online course with 34 lessons and 197 bonuses must be more valuable than a course with just seven lessons. Or a book must be more useful if it's 655 pages long instead of just a paltry 243. Complications can lead to difficulties though.

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