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    1. Start-up Odds of Survival Depend on Industry

      Start-up Odds of Survival Depend on Industry
      You’ve probably heard the oft quoted statistic that half of all businesses are gone within five years. While the number is true, it’s an average of what happens to start-ups in all industries, from biotechnology firms to dental offices to taxi services. And new business survival rates differ pretty substantially across sectors of the economy. To show you how much difference industry sector makes, I have plotted the five year survival curves for the 2000 cohort (the most recent available)Read More From Small Business TrendsStart-up Odds of Survival Depend on Industry
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    2. Finding your hidden treasure: international campaigns with AdWords

      Finding your hidden treasure: international campaigns with AdWords
      In 2000, Antoine Assi founded Middle Eastern export website www.aldoukan.com—it was one of the first e-commerce business in the Middle East. He was just 20 years old and he made time to develop the business in between computer science classes at his university. He needed a way to advertise his website from the comfort of his own dorm room, so he decided to test out Google AdWords.His friends didn’t believe him when Antoine said he was going to sell and advertise traditional Middle Eastern foods and goods online. However, by 2004, his business had grown so rapidly that he decided to take leave from school to run it full-time. He then started his second company, www.mosaicmarble.com, which sells handcut decorative tiles online internationally.Antoine believed there was a gap in the mosaic market and he wanted to share these artistic and historic decorations ...
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    3. Ode to an Office

      Ode to an Office
      From Chris Brogan: As one of the writers at workshifting (a client blog), you'd think that offices would be archaic, a thing of the past. The truth is, I've only recently settled back into having an office. I'd been workshifting for so long that I got used to the life of a nomad: working in coffee shops and bookstores, working in hotel rooms and airports. And it was fine for what it was. But I have a little ode to an office space that might be interesting to those solo entrepreneurs or small business types out there.   An Office of One's Own Choosing   I used to be a cubicle farmer for a wireless company. I had one of many offices in a sea of offices, where the way we pretended we stood out from each other was with decorations. There was no privacy. There was no ...
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    4. How to Choose the Right Bank Account for Your Business

      How to Choose the Right Bank Account for Your Business
      From Shira Levine, Business Insider: Growing your small business’s money in a savings account isn’t as quick and easy as it used to be. Unfortunately the options don’t offer the same ease and confidence they did a few years ago.   In today’s market, safety and speed are critical when choosing the right place to put your money. Here’s what you should look for to get the best of the lot:   Look online.  Some of the better savings accounts can be found online. Cast aside any fears of online banking and recognize that these days, the online experience is as safe as the in-person bank visit. Online banking offers the same services with even higher interest rates. Many don’t require a minimum balance either.   Protect your money. Putting your money into a savings account is a safe move. A good savings account insures up to ...
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    5. Mark Zuckerberg Gives Newark an Education

      Each day, Inc.'s reporters scour the Web for the most important and interesting news to entrepreneurs. Here's what we found today: The Facebook-funded school system. Mark Zuckerberg will appear on Oprah tomorrow to discuss his plans to donate $100 million to the Newark, New Jersey school system. Zuck was born and raised in Westchester County, and by all accounts has no roots in Newark, but The New York Times reports that the 26-year-old CEO was moved by a meeting with Newark Mayor Cory A. Booker in July. Booker has, according to the story, been campaigning lately to raise money for the Newark school district, which was deemed a failure in 1995 and has since been controlled by the state. So far, Booker's received millions of dollars from Oprah, herself, and sources say Zuckerberg is hoping his $100 million will lay the groundwork for a future education foundation ...
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    6. 6 Ways to Be More Productive

      6 Ways to Be More Productive
      You’re busy. I’m busy. As small business owners, we’re all busy and we’re all looking for ways to get more done in less time. And that means doing everything we can to increase our productivity. Below are six ways that I’ve been able to be more productive. I’d love if you could share your own tips. 1. Use the right tools. One way small business owners kill their productivity is by using the wrong tool for the job. They keepRead More From Small Business Trends6 Ways to Be More Productive
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    7. Breakfast With Richard Branson

      Each day, Inc.'s reporters scour the Web for the most important and interesting news to entrepreneurs. Here's what we found today: Everything you've ever wanted to know about Richard Branson. And probably some stuff you didn't as well. The American Express OPEN Forum has a wide-ranging Q & A with Sir Richard, the British entrepreneur, adventurer, and man behind the Virgin empire. In addition to some slightly mundane questions, like what he eats for breakfast (fruit salad and muesli), the post dives into a handful of business-related questions such as what are the keys to his success and what motivates him to carry on. When asked if he were given $60 to start a business, how would he do it? The ever-clever Branson replied, "If I was still well known, I'd sign the dollars and sell each of them for $20. I would then sign the ...
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    8. Why Business Will Grow Again: 'We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us!'

      Why Business Will Grow Again: 'We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us!'
      From John Mariotti, Small Business Trends: Most business people who read about the recent U.S. governmental policies, new legislation and Presidential “findings” are likely to become either depressed or discouraged.  Reports of the global financial crisis and massive de-leveraging yet to happen can also be daunting.    Walt Kelly’s old comic strip “Pogo” put it very succinctly in its now famous line, “We have met the enemy and he is us!” Pogo’s comment is profound.  We tend to get what we expect a lot of the time.  Negative expectations lead to negative outcomes—and vice versa.  Adding to this challenge is the fact that American business has not operated in such an anti-business political climate in decades.   Adapt, Evolve, Innovate & Succeed   The one characteristic of American business that consistently wins is its ability to adapt, evolve, innovate and compete in the face of all kinds of adversity. It ...
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    9. What Comic Sans and Stan Lee Can Teach You About Marketing

      The other day, Naomi and I were tossing around some playful banter about the font “Comic Sans,” my personal grudge against such an innocent font, and her suggestion that as ugly as it is, Comic Sans actually has a place in society (for which I am sending her a t-shirt that says “Sometimes when I’m [...] Related Posts What Tiger Woods Can Teach You About Marketing
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    10. Prepare to Be Interrupted: Part 2

      Prepare to Be Interrupted: Part 2
      From Jim Blasingame: Delivered by FedEx. “Well, it’s really happened,” you say to your employees. “What we hoped would never happen — but always knew could happen — has happened.”    Any one of the following could qualify as the subject of your lament:   You were hit with an area-wide, multi-day electrical outage. A fire or storm damaged or destroyed your business. A major hard drive with significant files crashed and is unrecoverable. The world’s most destructive computer virus infected your computer. [Insert your nightmare here.] Whether it’s an act of God or human error, you’re out of business until your team executes Plan B. You know, the three-point recovery plan we discussed in Part 1? You developed and structured Plan B, didn’t you?   Good. Now let’s implement that plan based on three areas of importance:   1.     Operational recovery. This is what you have to do to ...
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    11. How to Create a PR Crisis Strategy Before You Need It

      How to Create a PR Crisis Strategy Before You Need It
      From Thursday Bram, Wise Bread: The day you realize that you need a crisis strategy is usually the day you have a crisis. It's rare for small business owners to think about how to handle a crisis when they aren't in crisis mode. Having a strategy in place, especially when it comes to public relations, is absolutely necessary. With the help of the Internet, a negative story can be widespread in a matter of minutes, leaving no time to formulate a response on the spot.   If you already have a plan on how to respond to a problem, however, you have a better chance of making sure that your side is heard and reducing the impact of a negative situation.   Think Worst Case Scenario   It's not easy to think of every potential crisis ahead of time — there are just too many variables. But you can put a ...
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    12. Small Business News: Are You LinkedIn?

      Small Business News: Are You LinkedIn?
      By now you’ve probably heard of LinkedIn, the business oriented networking social media site whic appeals primarily to business two business networking encounters and has even begun being used for job recruitment and other business functions. Groups and status updates make LinkedIn even more unique and usable for small businesses enabling you to customize the site for your purposes. But is it time fr Facebook to move over. Well, maybe not yet. LinkedIn is distinctly different than both Facebookand TwitterRead More From Small Business TrendsSmall Business News: Are You LinkedIn?
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    13. 5 Ways To Put Your LinkedIn Profile To Work For Your Business

      5 Ways To Put Your LinkedIn Profile To Work For Your Business
      LinkedIn is a VERY powerful way for business professionals to make connections and grow their business. But if your profile is not working for you, it's a wasted asset. Jerry Allocca is the founder of CORE Interactive (www.CORE.bz), an award-winning team of Internet specialists. He's given us 5 easy to do and concrete tips in how to make your LinkedIn profile work (and work hard) for your business. Jerry is a frequent industry speaker and author of the much anticipated book “Connected Culture: The art of communicating with the digital generation.” Jerry teaches a popular hands-on workshop in a computer lab where he shows professionals how to If you are like many business professionals, you have a LinkedIn account (your professional online profile), but you don’t really know how to use it beyond the basics like accepting invitations or doing research on someone and his ...
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    14. How SMBs Can Start Using Facebook Places Now

      How SMBs Can Start Using Facebook Places Now
      From Jolie O'Dell, Mashable: If you're a business owner and you've heard the recent news about Facebook's attention-grabbing new feature for location-sharing and checkins, you're probably itching to find out what Facebook Places can do for your business and how it can help you reach out to would-be customers and loyal regulars in your community.   While Facebook isn’t ready to announce any special brand-platform relationships or tie-ins just yet, one Facebook ad exec told us that the company does have plans to integrate Places with its larger marketing offerings for SMBs. The best thing a business owner can do to prepare for those offerings is get familiar with the ins and outs of Facebook and location marketing now.   Here are a few pointers for how SMBs can use Facebook Places and other marketing tools starting today.   1. Start a Facebook Page   In our conversation ...
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