1. These Entrepreneurs Spotted the Housing Boom and Bust. Now They're Having Deja Vu

    These Entrepreneurs Spotted the Housing Boom and Bust. Now They're Having Deja Vu

    Independent real estate developers were almost wiped out by the Great Recession. These two entrepreneurs predicted it and thrived--and now they're betting big on what they say is an inevitable boom.

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    1. Most brokers are peddling something.
    2. He didn't know anything about condos, and frankly neither did I.
    3. We believe favorable demographics and the realization of pent-up demand will drive a strong upward trajectory in housing demand through 2020.
    4. If you take those long-term demographics, then an abnormally large number of people are making decisions around home buying.
    5. The deals go wrong around the people, So the idea is to try to handicap the partner.
    6. They couldn't get a 40 or 50 million-dollar loan.
    7. We were turned down by dozens of people for financing.
    8. As you grow, things change. Your environment changes, the scale changes, your problems change, and each time they change, you have a new learning curve.
    9. RCS is pretty much a hands-on operator.
    10. Marcel is a strong personality and some of his employees have a hard time voicing their opinion.
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