1. These Entrepreneurs Succeeded -- But Only After Failing Once Before

    These Entrepreneurs Succeeded -- But Only After Failing Once Before

    For a second act success, credit lessons learned at early go-arounds.

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    1. We really didn't market ourselves in a way that was conducive to growing our business.
    2. And it all started because we failed at something else.
    3. But it was all contractors looking for the cheapest possible bid.
    4. There are people who shop at Nordstrom for its quality and service, and people who shop at Walmart for its prices.
    5. We were booking appointments by scribbling them down on paper, whiteboards and even napkins.
    6. That's a level of unprofessionalism that's unacceptable.
    7. An app on my phone lets me see how our customers score us across all our locations.
    8. It doesn't matter what you think as a business owner.
    9. We had no complementary skills, no clearly defined roles or responsibilities.
    10. You really need to have a meeting of the minds with your investors before you allow them in.
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