1. Beyoncé, Inc: How Airbnb, Warby Parker, And Others Are Finding Inspiration In Lemonade

    Beyoncé, Inc: How Airbnb, Warby Parker, And Others Are Finding Inspiration In Lemonade

    A thunderous bang quiets the roughly 40,000 fans who’ve gathered at Houston’s NRG Stadium. The lights click off, plunging the venue into darkness. A spotlight appears, silhouetting a figure on the stage. Beyoncé, sporting a wide-brimmed black hat and clad in a shimmering, rose-colored bodysuit, is flanked by a dozen dancers. She starts bobbing her head along to the now-familiar twanging noise that opens her politically charged single "Formation."

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    1. As a product, she is incredibly consistent—every album, stage performance, video, interview, and marketing deal.
    2. There's nothing that happens in that organization, either businesswise or artistically, that Beyoncé doesn't fully sit on top of.
    3. I see music; it's more than just what I hear.
    4. The marketing for Lemonade started back in that elevator.
    5. Up until last night, I was a fan of Beyoncé.
    6. The thing she does really well is understand the importance of true movement-building.
    7. We're experience-focused but medium-agnostic, from the moment somebody thinks about the brand: their decision to shop, waiting on the frames to arrive, understanding that [if you buy a pair] another pair goes to somebody in need.
    8. She's changed the way superstar artists have looked at dropping music.
    9. In the model of exclusivity, the fans get lost in the process.
    10. For us it's being comfortable with who you are.
    11. It would have been easy for Beyoncé to jump on the athleisure bandwagon, quickly bang a collection out, and ride the hype.
    12. Since it came out, pretty much every creative presentation I've seen has had some reference to it.
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