1. How to Make the Most of Your "A" Players

    How to Make the Most of Your "A" Players

    "A" players are rare, hard to recruit, and completely necessary to a start-up. Make sure you use them to your--and their--best advantage. When you build your own business from the ground up, you must focus on bringing in “A” players: those who are above-grade and outstandingly talented. How to spot an A player? They are the people who effortlessly switch from fedora to baseball cap, and perform the corresponding skill well. They constantly surprise you with innovative approaches and excellent work. This is absolutely critical to your success. To put it bluntly, success is a matter of A players, or failure. At every stage--as you’re starting up, once you’ve expanded to a small business, and during rapid growth phases--every single person’s contribution is crucial. Good is never good enough. When you’re creating a company, it’s not about just passing the test. It’s about acing ...

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