1. 7 Easy, Low Cost Ways to Generate Leads and Keep Customers

    7 Easy, Low Cost Ways to Generate Leads and Keep Customers
    From Ivana Taylor, Small Business Trends: The latest Vistage International Confidence Index results for Q2 2010 were just released on July, 2010.  The good news is that small business CEOs are WAY more confident today than they were at the same time last year.   Realistically, you can say that the 2500 responding CEOs were cautiously optimistic about the future.    According to the survey, small and medium sized businesses have accepted the new state of the economy and have positioned themselves to do more with less so that they can be profitable throughout the next year.   The survey also showed that CEOs hoped that their profitability would come from getting and keeping customers through innovative products and services.    Now that you’ve read that, you’re probably thinking that this sounds great, but where should you begin?   Since small business CEOs are most concerned with innovation,  lead generation, and funding their ...
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