1. 5 Most Partisan Points in Obama's State of the Union

    5 Most Partisan Points in Obama's State of the Union

    The president's speech is likely to fire up his base--and his opponents. A rundown of the lightning-rod issues. President Obama ain't looking to compromise. The trick in these speeches--Obama's and every president's--is to fire up the base, but also to word proposals so that they sound completely uncontroversial. It's a tough rhetorical line to walk. (And presidents have a pretty low success rate when it comes to getting their SOTU proposals enacted.) It's particularly tough right now. The environment is so partisan that one poll before the speech showed how support for some of Obama's proposals rises and falls dramatically based on whether his name is attached to them. Ask Republican voters how they feel about a path to citizenship for illegal aliens, for example, and 60 percent support it. Tell them that's Obama's plan, though, and support drops to ...

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