1. For Some Businesses, Sandy Presents a Windfall

    For Some Businesses, Sandy Presents a Windfall
    Companies that end up profiting from natural disasters walk a tightrope between profiteering and intelligent marketing. Here's how smart entrepreneurs do it. There's no doubt that Hurricane Sandy has taken a devastating toll on people and businesses around the country. But for a small cadre of entrepreneurs, weather events such as Sandy present unique--and occasionally uncomfortable-to-talk-about--opportunities for new streams of revenue. In the days following a natural disaster, consumers and businesses will likely start imagining how they could be better-prepared for the next major weather event that could leave them without power, water, or even shelter. Should they have better supplies? Different insurance? A more detailed contingency plan? But after a few weeks, or even a month or two, interest wanes as life goes back to normal. So now is precisely the time that James Shea, the founder EssentialPacks, really gets to work. "Any time we have an ...
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    1. Any time we have an event like this, we see a spike in business.
    2. Our business increased tenfold overnight.
    3. I wasn't ready this time, but I'll be ready next time, and I'm buying your product.
    4. Obviously people will wake up to the vulnerability of the power grid, and want to have backup power.
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